Thursday, October 9, 2008

A QUILL IN THE NESTBOX (the story behind this blog)

THE CHOOK-MINDER IS LIKE an adventurous bird in a flock that has been flying and hopping from one place to another in his continuous quest for knowledge and wisdom. His long distance non-seasonal migration has been purposely geared towards finding the real success and happiness in life. In his search for the truth, joy, faith, hope, peace and love he was stranded alone in an isolated place in a foreign land. He felt so lucky upon finding a birdhouse yet he was so sad to discover that it has been deserted!

He decided to stay and occupy the birdhouse. As he entered, he found so many moulted feathers inside! There was a plume that looked distinctively unusual amongst the others, so he picked it up and kept it. Since then, he has been regularly exploring the area hoping to find a hen of his love to consummate
his stay inside the nestbox.

His search continues until today. As he patiently waits for the fulfilment of his dreams, join him as he tells his stories and unveil his secrets that only his Quill in the Nestbox knows!