Friday, July 29, 2011

Another First!

Mt. Buller, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

July 8 to 13, 2011.  Luckily, I had seven days holiday between (our chicken's) batch 39 and 40.  I, originally, had no plans to escape from the farm during the week- I was simply aiming to raise a certain amount for an important project in the Philippines but the weather forecast in Victoria was so enticing that I failed to resist booking online for my 3-day adventure.     

The driver of the horse-driven carriage, Swanston St., Melbourne.

For four years I had been dreaming to visit the Australian Alps to experience the snow but there were powerful circumstances that would always come across my plans; so the snow had fallen and melted for four consecutive wintertimes without RJ visiting the place.

But not in winter 2011 because I have finally found my way to Mt. Buller!

The unique kneelers.  St. Paul's Cathedral, corner Swanston and Flinder's Streets, Melbourne.

...with Margarette- one of Melbourne's city 'ambassadors'. 

I will write another post about my first snow experience.  Most of the photos here were taken in Melbourne- a day before my first encounter with snow.


Sunday, July 3, 2011


The facade of the Freo Market, W.A., Australia
February 28, 2011.  I was exploring the Fremantle Market (Western Australia) and was expecting to see the local fresh produce of the region but was surprised to discover that there were also arts and crafts, silver jewelries and a few food stalls around.  And in one corner I noticed this boomerang shop.

Boomerang Shop.  Fremantle Market, Western Australia
Boomerang.  I heard this word when I was younger but couldn't understand when the older folks would relate boomerang with a person's deed.  My mom had tried to explain to me that boomerang is a flying tool that, when thrown, will surely come right back without hitting the ground; but she never showed me a photo nor did she draw the said tool, the reason why I couldn't understand the 'boomerang effect' that they were saying. 

...until I came to Australia and have seen the different designs of boomerang! According to Wikipedia, the oldest Australian Aboriginal Boomerangs are 10,000 years old.