Friday, January 30, 2009


Unlike a frosty morning, I don’t know how to capture a scorching day in a photograph just to prove to you that for three days now, I’ve been struggling in an oven-like environment!

LAST WEDNESDAY it was sunny and arid... the mercury rose up to 49.5’C! The digital thermometers’ display read 999; possibly, it could only register up to the maximum of 50’C, so I have come up with my hypothesis that the temperature at around 2:30pm that day had gone beyond 50’C here in Port Wakefield.

I was profusely sweating (for the first time in my 2-year stay in Australia) despite the high-cool setting of the air-conditioning system inside my caravan. My fridge was not working well; while there was an electrical meltdown in Melbourne and Adelaide!

It was 45.5’C in Adelaide City, 5’C higher than the recorded temperature in 1908; and 1.1’C lower than the recorded hottest temperature of the city last January 12, 1939. The local evening news on telly* featured a photo showing a non-stick frying pan under the sun with a well-done sunny-side up egg on its surface!

Then a frightening thunderstorm with heavy rain had started at 9pm and ended at around 12 midnight leaving a very humid and warm (34’C) condition!

YESTERDAY at around 7am the temperature was already 30’C. The maximum temperature I had monitored so far was 48.8’C at 2:25pm, then I decided to stop keeping track of it because I felt that the temperature was becoming hotter and hotter while I’m aware of the current thermometer reading!

TODAY... This morning I woke up after an overnight low of 32’C. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted 42’C maximum temperature; very sunny and dry in South Australia today (while a storm is expected in the Northern Territory and Queensland). Too bad that this relentless heatwave has been predicted to continue until Thursday next week!

HOW LONG CAN I COPE UP? [The chickens are very lucky because their house has been installed with a very effective cooling system.] Whew! This is my workplace—it’s freezing during winter and it’s scorching during summer. I don’t know if it is reasonable to leave this workplace only because of its unfriendly climate. I don’t know if quitting from this job could guarantee an absolute relief from this very challenging 'season'. If I could only leave these chickens unattended, I will really escape from this burning furnace!

The current climate is, somehow, reminding me to keep closer to My Saviour—this is the only good (yet the greatest) thing I could perceive out of this. After all, it must be the best thing to ‘live’ in a beautiful, comfortable and lovely place, eternally.

*telly - (noun) [Aust slang] television; TV

Monday, January 26, 2009


[Ang post na ito ay ang ika-2 bahagi ng FOREIGNER.]

Happy Australia Day!

Hindi ko alam kung karapat-dapat ba akong batiin ng ganito sapagkat walang kaduda-dudang ako ay isang dayuhan sa bansang ito...

...ang Australia Day para sa akin ay hindi para mag-barbie*, mag-fishing o mag-outing...


barbie - (noun) [Australian slang] barbecue

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've just arrived home (?!) from Adelaide City and still wearing this smile that has started six and a half hours earlier in the food court of Rundle Mall.

While I was queuing in KFC, there was this young (possibly 5-year old) Caucasian boy in front of me who was fidgeting around that he accidentally dropped his hat on the floor without noticing it.

A couple of minutes later...

Hey, mate! You dropped your hat! I said loudly to catch the little boy’s attention in the middle of the noisy and busy hall. My call was effective; he immediately turned his head and looked at me.

I directed him to his hat that has been resting on the floor.

The little boy rushed and picked up his hat and after doing it, he stared at me for about five seconds. I could see the innocence from his gaze, especially when he moved his sight from my face down to my feet... then back to my face and up to my head!

I smiled at him.

His concentration was instantly distracted by the sound of his name as his mom –now carrying a tray of dinner combo—called him and pouted her lips towards the nearest vacant table.

WHILE THEY WERE EATING, I’m still waiting on the KFC counter and I could see through my left lateral vision that the little boy was still intermittently looking at me, possibly wondering why my hair is black, my skin is brown, my nose is flat, and so on...

I’ve been experiencing this since I arrived in Australia... many times—a speculative stare from a Caucasian child!

When I was a child, I was fascinated by the foreigners who lived in our small town in Southern Philippines. They were the people who established the Christian educational institution- a state college, where I actually finished my high school.

Their body built and size was really different from the locals of Mlang, Cotabato. They have blond hairs, blue eyes, white skin, and a high-bridged nose (unlike mine). They ate strange cuisine and spoke a different language with a very distinct twang! They were foreigners and I considered them a proof of what my Mom had told me that other countries exist.

But after more than twenty-nine years of existence in this world, my idea of being a ‘foreigner’ has changed. Yes, foreigners may eat exotic meals and speak a different language… but they can as well possess black hairs, hazel-coloured eyes, brown complexion and a big, flat nose—because here in Australia I am, absolutely, a FOREIGNER!

-an excerpt from my other blog, the Silent Water

The poultry farmers while waiting for the arrival of the new batch of chicks.

L-R: Australian, Filipino, Iranian, Dutch

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m running out of ink for My Quill! I don’t, actually, know where to buy a good quality ink; and if possible, an ink bottle that never dries up so I can update The Chook-minder’s Quill frequently without bothering myself of my ink supply. I’m actually thinking of going to Diagon Alley to see if a Muggle* like me could get one! And if I could, I’ll also try to enter Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC and ask Mr Ollivander if I can purchase a very special wand for myself!

I don’t know how the Muggles manage without magic!” a remark given by a giant wizard named Hagrid in the Harry Potter series.

If Hagrid only knows how difficult it is! If he only knows how I wish to own a flying motorbike so I could visit my mother in the Philippines who is sick at the moment; how I wanted to try to wave a magical wand so I can have my dinner ready every time I arrive home from work; how I desire to have power so I could have all the changes I need without (somewhat) relying upon Obama!

*Muggle - is the word used in the Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling to refer to a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born into the magical world. - Wikipedia

Dalawang Dosenang Ginto

The busy and the unoccupied persons in Flinders Street Railway Station.
Melbourne City, Victoria, AUSTRALIA


6 Working as a chook-minder
8 Recreation and Relaxation
2 Food preparation, meals, snacks
8 Rest and sleep

1. Lima o anim na oras lang ang trabaho ko sa isang araw (6 days a week) bilang isang magmamanok pero nakakapagod din ito. The shorter, the better... may mga pagkakataon ngang tatlo hanggang apat na oras lang akong nagtatrabaho sa isang araw. Hindi kailangang magtrabaho ako ng matagal, lalung-lalo na ang mag-overtime sapagkat fixed salary every fortnight ang sistema ng bayaran ng kumpanyang aking pinagtatrabahuan.

2. Mayroon pa akong walong oras para sa pagbabasa ng mga aklat, pag-iinternet, panonood ng mga pelikula at mga palabas sa local TV at The Filipino Channel; o di kaya'y mamasyal sa Elizabeth Mall (45 minute drive) para makapanood ang sine at mamili ng mga bagay na kailangan ko... pero pakiramdam ko napakaiksi pa rin ng panahong ito kaysa sa kung nasa loob ako ng manukan.

3. Kapag binuo, umaabot lang ng dalawang oras sa isang araw ako naghahanda ng pagkain at kumakain pero bumilis ang pagtaas ng aking timbang nitong huling dalawang buwan. Samantalang noong unang taon ko rito sa Australia, pareho lang din naman ang kalidad at dami ng aking kinakain pero pumayat ako noon. Kung dati ay 85 kgs. lang ang timbang ko, ngayo'y naging 93 kgs. na ulit- ganito ako kabigat noong umalis ako sa Pilipinas noong January 15, 2007. Mas hiyang 'ata akong mag-alaga ng mga manok kaysa ng mga baboy.

4. Walong oras pa rin naman ang kabuuan ng aking pahinga at tulog sa isang araw.

corners Flinders & Swanston Sts., Melbourne

Time is gold.

Friday, January 16, 2009


A family that pLays together, stays together.

This post is a response to Mulong of Naks Naman who tagged me to write my personal story about a slipper. I have my story, but I don’t have enough time to write because two hours later we’ll be receiving the first batch of chicks (120,000 hds.) in the poultry farm.

I have a photo of the three pairs of slippers taken last October 18, 2008 when we visited Moonta Bay, South Australia. I decided to re-post it here for this ‘tag’; it’s meaningful, anyway. I hope this could satisfy Abe Mulong Caracas.


Naalala kong bigla... ngayong araw, January 16, 2009; 8:40 ng umaga ay eksaktong dalawang taon na ako rito sa bansang Australia! Wow! Hindi ko inakalang makaka-survive ako ng ganito katagal. Pero hindi naman ako nagsisising nakarating ako rito kasi marami rin naman akong mga natutunan at nadagdagan rin ang aking listahan ng mga pook-pasyalang aking narating!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Pagkatapos madala lahat sa dressing plant ang aming mga alagang manok noong Lunes ng umaga, kanina (Miyerkules) ay naging abala na naman kami sa paghahanda ng manukan dahil sa Biyernes ay darating na naman ang susunod na laksa ng mga sisiw! [Tuwing ika-60 araw paulit-ulit lang itong aming mga ginagawa: maghanda ng sheds, tanggapin ang mga sisiw, mamumulot ng mga namamatay na mga manok, at kapag malalaki na sila- magha-harvest...]

Hindi tulad sa Manila na nagiging 18'C ang temperatura o sa Benguet na umaabot ng 8'C sa kasalukuyang panahon, lumalampas 30'C na ang aming temperatura rito, 41'C pa nga kahapon! Dahil sa init ng panahon dito, mas natutuyo at mas lumulutang ang mga mapipinong hibla ng tinadtad na dayami ng trigo na aming ginagamit bilang banig ng mga sisiw. Ang resulta mas lalo kaming nangangati habang nagsasabit ng mga kurtina at naglalagay ng mga bakod sa loob ng manukan! Whew!

Pero kahit pagod sa loob ng manukan, pagpasok ko rito sa aking caravan at masilip ko sa dashboard na may mga nag-iiwan pa rin ng puna sa aking mga paulit-ulit na mga hinaing tungkol sa aking trabaho, nawawala na rin ang lahat ng sakit ng aking katawan. Ganito pala ang pagba-blog, parang katumbas pa nito ang dalawampung Paracetamol (salamat Abou sa paghahambing na ito).

Isa sa mga updated na blogs kanina ay ang Life's a Twitch ni Yanah kaya 'yon ang una kong narating. Habang binabasa ko ang entry niya tungkol sa mga fairy tales ay na-realize kong ang mga suliranin ng ibang tao ay totoo ngang mas mabigat pa kaysa sa ating mga sariling problema. Gusto ko sanang mag-comment pero napakahaba ang nais kong isulat, kaya ini-link ko nalang siya sa dati kong post na tungkol din sa mga fairy tales.

Kaya du'n sa mga nagsasawa na sa aking mga paulit-ulit na posts, pasensiya na pero habang ako'y hindi pa nakakagawa ng panibagong entry para rito sa The Chook-minder's Quill heto ili-link ko kayo ulit sa dati kong post, ang Fantastic Reality. Ito ang sagot ko kay Yanah sa kanyang fairy tales. Kung medyo mahaba ang panahon niyo sa pagbabasa, pwede niyo itong basahin.

Doon sa mga nakarating sa at nakapagbasa ng isiningit kong post na Monetary Pharmacology (a metaphor), pasensiya na kung dumugo ang inyong ilong. Post ko rin dati ito sa kabila, at dahil nagkaroon ng mga virus (?! sariling term ko lang 'yan) comments na paulit-ulit (mga 300 comments na siguro), binura ko ito doon at isiningit ko rito. Nasasayangan kasi akong mawala itong bunga ng kalikutan ng aking utak. Sa mga naka-appreciate, Meow at Mightydacz, maraming, maraming salamat!

Ako'y magbabalik... kaagad!

Monday, January 12, 2009

"I have returned!"

THIS HAS BEEN MY LONGEST blog break since I became active in the blogosphere last October 2008. I am quite busy nowadays; the chicken harvest has been extended for a week because the company can hardly market the dressed chicken. I guess this is a very distinct ‘clinical sign’ that South Australia and the Australian states nearby are already affected with the ‘viruses’ of this severe, chronic global financial crisis.

Collecting the daily mortality from the twelve chicken sheds is getting more and more difficult for me! Imagine pushing a wheel barrow daily, from end to end of a very dusty, feathery, smelly and densely populated shed (approximately 135m long), with 35-50 dead chickens (some are decomposing) that weighs 3.5 to 4.0 kilograms each! I am just explaining the mortality picture of the first four lanes of a chicken shed, and there were still 4 lanes left—with almost the same condition.

Chicken harvest is best done at night because birds are naturally sedated by darkness; but the activity greatly disturbs my circadian rhythm making me drowsy and lethargic during weekdays.

I’ve been drafting a blog entry about ‘Truth and Lies’ for three days now but I couldn’t find the perfect mood to pursue and finish what I had outlined. I really couldn’t understand but my job as a chook-minder has been torturing me both physically and psychologically, and because of this current economic recession I couldn’t just leave this job right away... otherwise I’ll become one of those Filipinos that aggravate the headache of President Arroyo back home.

In four days, I’ll be completing my two years of ‘roller coaster’ stay in this Land Down Under. At the moment, I can confidently say that, somehow, I am 89.99% adjusted to the outback Australian way of life—the ‘ghost towns’, the boundless horizons, the language and the accent, the shops shutting at 5pm, etc. My job is the only, yet a major complication! I couldn’t appreciate it; I am part of the best performing team of this poultry integrator in South Australia that produces a million dressed chicken every 60 days but I still feel I am worthless. I believe that I can do more than my current responsibility but I am totally restrained from executing it. If I can only lie to myself that I really love and like the nature of my present job, I will do it, but I can’t! Whew! So before I lose my sanity, I need to do something... I have to achieve something... because I know that to resign and to repatriate myself is not the best option this time.

Finally, last Saturday I decided to try my luck, at the soonest possible time (so help me God), in turning every stone along the rough roads of becoming a qualified veterinarian in this country. I will do it with or without the permanent residency sponsorship from my employer; I really don’t know but if he has plans to do it, I am not sure when.

Ooopss! I didn’t expect this post to be this long, because my original plan was just to leave a few words saying, “I shall return!” But look, I already have this now; and this would surely make The Chook-minder’s Quill, finally, updated!

Monetary Pharmacology (a metaphor)


I’ve been receiving plenty of emails for the past two days regarding my previous post—Occupational Medicine (I wonder why the readers don’t just leave their comment in my blog page). Lots of friends out there are quite curious about the dosage of Au$ in the treatment of the Chook-minder’s Malady. So I decided to update my previous blog entry. While doing it however, I had noticed that the ‘Treatment section’ of my article was becoming more and more complicated because of the complexities involved with Au$ as a drug of choice for the said condition. With this, I have come up with another medically-inspired literature. I hope you can still bear with me.

Instead of using the ’chemical symbol’ Au$, I decided to use the common name of our ‘drug’ which is MONEY.


The name of this ‘drug’- money originated from either of the Latin word ‘monere’ which means remind, warn or instruct; or from the Greek word ‘moneres’ which means unique or alone. The use of this drug has started since 650-600 BC by the Lydians. Today, it has been widely-used, and the most potent drug in the treatment of the wide range and most complicated conditions worldwide.

General Properties

Money is generally accepted as a drug to achieve euphoria and all its forms has been proven as a very practical and effective substance to alleviate pain and relieve anxiety. It is 1,000,000,000 times more potent than Morphine, 1,000,000 times more powerful than Paracetamol, and 1,000 times stronger than Citalopram.

No wonder, Money is the most accepted drug in Gastroenterology. It is the most preferred and often abused drug in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Urology, Cardiology, Dermatology and Occupational Medicine. Money is also the most common drug used in the areas of Surgery, Neurology, Psychiatry, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics and Geriatrics. Just like in humans, Money is a very popular drug in Veterinary Medicine, as well.

This very mysterious drug, however, has a wide range of adverse reactions and side effects, so aside from following the recommended or standard dosage of the industry, the use of Money should be closely-guarded, regularly-monitored and properly-regulated.

Just like the injectable solution of Diazepam, Money should not be left unattended in a plastic container because of its rapid ‘inactivation’ over minutes! In its currency form, Money should be tightly kept in a secured bolt.


1. Currency

2. Credit Cards

3. Debit Cards

4. Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.

Dosage and Administration

In case of the Chook-minder’s Malady, a fortnightly dose of ONLY Au$21/hour of hard work (regardless of the person’s body weight) is the most effective and legally acceptable dosage.

The posology of Money, however, hasn’t been established despite its existence for several eras. Its dosage always depends on the lifestyle of an identified recipient. In-vivo tests would often suggest, though, that the higher the dosage of Money, the better the action and effect is. Social standards of morality, however, vary; and there are existing studies saying that whether the dose (of Money) is increased or decreased, the action and effects are the same—it’s getting worse. Several researches are still ongoing regarding this.

The delivery of Money into the system of the recipient can be done in various ways depending on its form. Donors or sources of this drug are needed to affix their signatures or enter their personal identification numbers in order to make it legally successful. Most (if not all) of the time, just like other drugs, receiving Money has an equivalent cost. Mostly it is hard work, but there are increasing cases when ‘ill persons’ can easily acquire Money.

Ocular route is the most widely used, especially during the initial doses, though Money, like some other drugs, has a form of an ‘ear drop’ that is simply applied to the external auditory canal! Intravenous and intramuscular are considered possible, but are not recommended because there’s a danger of irreversible adverse effects when Money is directly delivered into the blood stream. Topical, oral, intra-mammary, intra-vaginal, and intra-uterine administrations are discretely performed, but they are all strongly discouraged because so many harmful effects can possibly occur. Immunodeficiency and death are just two of the most dreaded consequences.

Therapeutic Indications and Contraindications

Money (after physical transformation, please see Pharmacokinetics below) is highly indicated in the treatment of hypoglycaemia and throbbing gastrointestinal pain secondary to starvation; hypothermia secondary to homelessness or lack of appropriate clothing; dehydration and electrolyte imbalance secondary to fluid deprivation; hypo- or hyperventilation because of poor air quality, immobility and other locomotor problems.

It is only an adjunct therapy for anxiety, other types of pain, lethargy, dermatitis, dysthymia, cardiac dysrythmia, and all ‘veterinary’ concerns. Unfortunately, it has been proven that the effect of Money in Cosmetology and Surgery is purely dermatological and not systemic - which means behavioural changes in an individual are unlikely expected.

In higher doses, Money has been proven to be very effective in the emergency treatment of combined Geriatric and Paediatric cardiopathy. The drug being excreted (please see Pharmacokinetics below) by a foreign geriatric patient is still very useful in the local paediatric concerns. Its sustainable therapeutic effect, however, is less likely expected in all cases.

Money is contraindicated to all individuals suffering from an African Trypanosomiasis-like disease because it will only aggravate all the symptoms (fatigue, daytime slumber, and night-time insomnia which are all directly) associated with laziness.

Pharmacokinetics (What the body does to the drug?)

The absorption, distribution, and the localization of Money in an individual, are at this point still unclear, but extra care should be taken during administration so it won’t reach the systemic circulation.

Its ‘biotransformation’ hasn’t been explained so far, but several pharmacologic evidences strongly suggest that it remains unchanged in the system. Toxicity is therefore possible, thus ‘excretion’ of Money should be done regularly. Being excreted unchanged; Money is surely beneficial to another needy organism in the chain. Money will then undergo a process of ‘physical transformation,’ and will become goods and services.

The half-life of Money is very short! It can possibly be degraded or eliminated by the body system in just a split of a second.

Pharmacodynamics (Drug Action and Effects)

The mechanism of action of Money occurs immediately as soon as it is delivered ocularly, aurally, and topically. Upon seeing, hearing, or touching this drug, there is an immediate stimulation of the mu-opioid receptors which are widely distributed in all parts of the brain and the spinal cord. Activation of the said receptors will then result to analgesia, sedation, slightly reduced blood pressure, itching, nausea, euphoria, decreased respiration, miosis (constricted pupils) and decreased bowel motility often leading to constipation.

Special Clinical Concerns (Adverse and Side Effects)

There is a danger of addiction with Money and over-dosage will result to a wide range of clinical concerns. These adverse effects are mostly irreversible, therefore, precautionary measures should be undertaken before, during, and after its use.

The Love of Money causes all kinds of trouble. Some people want money so much that they have given up their faith and caused themselves a lot of pain! (I Timothy 6:10)


I, actually, don’t know if Doc El would agree with my Monetary Pharmacology paper. Unfortunately, there’s no chance for him to comment about this anymore. I hope I can get a nod from my Pharmacology professors in CVM-USM, Dr. Rolando J. Garduque and Dr. Vingelle Bautista-Jimenez regarding this topic.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Brother's Keeper

IT’S NOT A STAR that had been shining brightly but the countless rocket-propelled grenades and mortars that had been blazing up in the sky that made the 12 days of Christmas celebration very remarkable this time. What had been offered were not gold, frankincense and myrrh but (a clear indication of) greed, hatred, and wrath, instead!

Who would have thought that Gaza, a place which is 72.42 kilometres southwest of Bethlehem, will be filled with cries of “Ceasefire!” nowadays; a word that is almost synonymous from what had been sung during that cold, starry night when the child Jesus was born! “Peace on earth...!” the angels that had come down from heaven said; and the same words are still being desperately uttered by the whole world 2,008 years later.

As of this writing, 512 Palestinians and 5 Israelis have died, plus the other 40 Israelis have been wounded since the start of the attack last December 27, 2008. But this count seems to be negligible or even nothing for each of the opposing groups to stop the battle—which is believed to have started since the time of Ishmael and Isaac in the Old Testament. I have the impression that the present day descendants of Ishmael and Isaac are completely ignoring or simply have forgotten the Biblical fact that they share the same ancestor with the birthday boy Jesus, which is Abraham. They also have different religious and/or political conviction thus, creating another great complication... I would still say, however, that this is a rivalry between the two families of the same ancestry.

Nobody can tell whether the current number of casualties in the Gaza Strip violence could or couldn't outnumber the count of those boys (2 years old and below) who were slaughtered under the orders of King Herod by the time he realized that the wise men had tricked him. Yet I can tell that the majority, if not all of the victims of both hostilities were undeniably innocent.

Honestly, I can neither formulate the best truce nor come up with an ultimate solution that would be very effective to end this ancient feud between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

I admit that the current situation in the south-eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea is a wake-up call for me, my younger brother and our youngest sister (this is another story, so just read between or even beyond the line). Definitely, the three of us cannot tell if father Abraham is also our great grand ancestor but, certainly, we can say that Adam is our great, great, great... grandfather. This genealogy is very simple yet it speaks of a very meaningful ‘message’ not only for me and my siblings but for the whole world, as well; a very beautiful ‘message’ of the lyrics of that song sang by the angels more than two millennia ago. To love one another, including my enemies, is easier said than done but this time I am again reminded that I am truly my brother’s or my sister’s keeper.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Chook-minder's Tucker

Manigong Bagong Taon sa ating lahat!

Nakatanggap ako ng tag mula kay Rob at sinasabing ililista ko ang aking mga new year's resolution dito sa The Chook-minder's Quill. Pero wala akong new year's resolution dahil hindi ko talaga nakagawiang gumawa nito.

Kaya nag-isip nalang ako ng kung anong bagay na maaring mailista na may kaugnayan sa aking buhay ngayong bagong taon at napagpasyahan kong isiwalat na ang isa sa aking mga lihim. Nagtatanong kasi palagi si kaibigang Kosa kung bakit nakasulat sa aking blog header na "ang mga lihim at kwento ng isang dayuhang magmamanok" gayong wala namang mga sikretong naibubunyag dito, kundi ako'y puro kwento lamang!

Kaya heto na, (matapos kong ihayag ang aking pananaw tungkol sa mga hula at pampaswerte) sisimulan ko ngayong Enero 2009 ang paghahayag ng mga nakatagong lihim ng isang magmamanok. Ang unang pinakatagu-tago kong sikreto kung saan ako humuhugot ng sobra-sobrang lakas sa pagharap ng anumang pisikal at emosyonal na mga hamon dito sa manukan; at ang mga dahilan kung bakit ako'y nananatiling malusog sa buong taon ang siyang una kong ibabahagi sa inyo!

Ang tinutukoy ko ay ang pagkain. Kahit na naikwento ko na noon ang tungkol dito, ngayo'y nais ko pa ring dagdagan ang mga impormasyon dahil alam kong ang lahat ng aking mga kaibigan dito sa blogosphere ay hindi naman ito nabasa noon. Heto ang patikim! Nakalista sa ibaba ang aking mga kakainin sa unang dalawang linggo ng Enero ngayong 2009! [Sana'y ayos lang ito kay Rob.]

Thailand Rice 5 kgs 7.00 224.00
Fresh Meat (beef spare ribs) 1 kg 7.79 249.28
Fresh Meat (lamb shank) 1 pc 3.00 96.00
Mighty Soft Fruit & Spice Loaf Bread 650 g 4.35 139.20
Kraft Oreo Creams 150 g 2.05 65.60
Oven -baked Pastry Apricot 1 pc 2.21 70.72
Oven-baked Croissant (butter) 200 g 3.53 112.96
Oven-baked Strudel (custard) 55 g 1.13 36.16
La Famiglia Pan Bread 2 x 450 g 6.78 216.96
Family Pizza (Hawaiian) 520 g 4.49 143.68
Rosedale Brandy Basket 1 pk 4.99 159.68
Moonbulk Strawberry Jam 500 g 3.20 102.40
Country Cup Oriental Chicken/Corn Soup 2 pks 2.16 69.12
Black & Gold Tuna in Oil 2 x 185 g 2.80 89.60
Kraft Mayo (easy squeeze) 410 g 2.85 91.20
Heinz Tomato Sauce 300 mL 1.76 56.32
Maggi Sweet Chili Sauce 300 mL 2.30 73.60
Devondale UHT Skimmed Milk 2 x 2 L 3.52 112.64
Mildura Orange Drink 2 x 185 g 1.99 63.68
Mildura Orange/Passion Fruit Drink 2 L 3.98 127.36
Mildura Orange/Mango Drink 2 L 1.99 63.68
Dairy Whipped Cream Lite 250 g 5.15 164.80
Nestle Yoghurt Diet (mixed berries) 1 kg 5.59 178.88
Paul’s Custard Low Fat (vanilla) 600g 2.56 81.92
Kraft Cheese Fat-free Singles 205g 3.69 118.08
Red Delicious Apples 0.960kg 4.79 153.28
Apricots 0.315kg 2.20 70.40
Avocado 1 1.79 57.28
Kiwifruits 3 2.07 66.24
Mango 1 4.49 143.68
Oranges (medium) 1.330kg 3.05 97.60
Strawberries 1 punnet 3.99 127.68
Bok Choy (pechay) 2 1.78 56.96
Lebanese Cucumber 0.150kg 0.57 18.24
Loose Carrot 0.095kg 0.14 4.48
Tomatoes (vine-ripened) 0.770kg 4.61 147.52
120.34 3850.88

*Ang presyo sa Philippine peso ay naka-base sa kasalukuyang average exchange rate na Au$ 1.00 = PhP 32.00.

Numbered ListMedia Noche 2008-2009, Dublin, S.A.
Lissa, Bruce, RJ, Gem, John