Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Keynote...

"Filipinos Abroad:
Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World"

This is an official entry to the 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA).

Ang Panauhing Pandangal (ang panimula...)

Ngayong nasa entablado na ang espesyal na panauhin, nahahalatang medyo kulang siya sa tangkad! kahit na sa malayo halatang-halata ang malaking nunal nito sa kanyang kaliwang pisngi, pati ang dalawang ngipin n'ya sa harapang medyo may kalakihan.

Hindi pa niya naibuka ang kanyang bibig para simulan ang kanyang maikling pananalita ay nagpalakpakan na ang madla!

Nagbago ang kulay ng ilaw sa loob ng pavilion, bahagyang dumilim ang silid ngunit may isang liwanag na nakatutok sa magsasalita... Narito ang kabuuan ng kanyang talumpati:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

It is, indeed, a great honour and privilege for me to be invited by the powerful men and women behind the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, Inc. to speak for tonight’s PEBA Awarding Ceremony. Despite the cool Christmas breeze outside which has been brought by the amihan winds from the freezing temperature of the northern hemisphere, we seem to be sharing the same season with our KaBlogs Down Under because our attendance tonight shows the warmth of harmony and solidarity between us—and this is already an initial indication of this evening's success!

With Kenji creating this award-giving body for the Global Filipino bloggers in 2008; and with Nereus Jethro spearheading the group this 2009, I- together with our friends from OWWA, POEA and TESDA with their mother agency DOLE, and the DFA whose representatives are also here with us this evening—were greatly convinced that every Filipino blogger interspersed around the globe has been given the great power to influence every world-wide-web-reader through their writings. I am sure that as you- the supporters of PEBA- take the responsibility to write in your blog, you do not just simply become the hope of our country, but also the pride and inspiration of our beloved nation.

Currently, there are eleven million Filipinos living outside the country. The count includes all of you who venture overseas as temporary workers, expatriates, as well as those in the academe- which comprise 11% of the total population of the Philippines. I understand every story of every Global Filipino, like you...

...if we could only collect every teardrop, measure the loneliness, or even quantify the hard-work that you’ve been doing while you’re away from our homeland, it would surely flood or cover the entire earth—more than enough that it would be very impossible for me to prevent it from overflowing!

For almost eight years now, The Palace has been doing every important step to create, generate and provide a job for every qualified Filipino. But because of the ailing global economy, our efforts may not be enough...

...I really admire all of you- the talented and skilful Filipino youths—for living up to the expectation of our national hero! You are truly courageous and determined to continuously extend your horizon as you seek for your own place in this world whenever you feel that the Philippines is too small and overcrowded for you. This attitude has instantly made you the living heroes of our beloved nation!

How many Filipino children have been left hungry and thirsty for food and education, alike, hadn’t their nanay, tatay, ate, kuya, tiyo or tiya explored for and took better opportunities overseas? With the total inflow of US$10 billion in 2005, US$13 billion in 2006, US$14.4 billion in 2007, and US$15.9 billion remittances to the Philippines in 2008...—the Global Filipinos are not just simply providing for your family back home, but you are also unconsciously contributing to the Philippine economy! ...and I salute you for this!

Amidst various trends and economic challenges of the modern day, well-developed nations in the world are still continuously craving for more knowledgeable and skilful workers because of labour shortage in their country. I am so glad because Filipinos still remain to be one of the few choices of Canada—particularly in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan; Japan, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain as shown by the effective Memorandum of Agreement between the POEA and these countries.

Who can ever forget those 400 Filipino nurses who had gone to Japan thru JPEPA seven months ago, and underwent intensive training for six months in Nihongo? These successful nurses and caregivers had already found their way to their new workplace last November; and the POEA is still negotiating with the Japanese government for additional deployment next year. We are also very grateful to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship for granting a total of 3,970 working visas to Filipinos for the period of July 2008 to March 2009.

The migration of the family of a Filipino blogger named Loida of 2L3B’s to Canada last May, as well as her and her husband’s immediate employment within a week of arrival in Ontario is another very good example. We also have another blogger- Chico who has been enjoying his dream job in Dubai since June 2009. We should also add Gasoline Dude on our list for receiving two job offers last May after being laid off from his previous job in Singapore on that same month. David Edward Santos of Geeky Thoughts who had moved to Kuala Lumpur last April is also one of them; as well as Joan Manalang—The Artist Chef who’s been savouring her adventures in Ho Chi Minh since May this year. We should also count the best luck of A.R.D.Y.E.Y. of ARDYEYTOLOGY in, who, after signing a job offer and consequently being denied of a work permit in Algeria because of his age, was still accepted with open arms in his old job in Doha!

Undeniably, the 2009 success stories of these Filipino Expats/OFW bloggers and non-bloggers would prove that our race is still the most sought workforce in the international arena! Global Filipinos, your English communication skills, as well as your expertise in various professions and trades are not just the only reason for this... are, undoubtedly, armed with your strong faith in God! are also furnished with your long-term, whole-hearted commitment to your job, your loyalty to your employer, your good relationship with your workmates and all the other admirable Filipino traits in the workplace, in general. These are, actually, the major reasons why these developed countries are insatiable—they wanted to hire more and more workers from the Philippines every year.

Now look at how the product exportation of that prawn company by the Red Sea and that poultry farm by the Flinder’s Ranges has succeeded! Quench your thirst with the sweet and safe drinking water from Al-Khobar- produced through reversed osmosis in a high-tech lab... don’t forget to browse and have a glance so you can appreciate the illustrations in that Malaysian children’s book which was released in the middle of this year... imagine how the Filipino music, and words soothe the exhausted muscles, pacify the aching nerves and inspire the disheartened souls on earth...

And there you are, Filipino bloggers and non-bloggers around the globe who are currently watching tonight’s event—live and online through the comfort of your own computers; we should thank our computer analyst and programmer based in the island of Palau for making all these wild world-wide-web things possible!

...and who said that while the Philippines is boasting for your 13.5% contribution to our Gross Domestic Product, she’s also been suffering from ‘brain drain’? Do you know that we could start calling it ‘brain gain’?; for as soon as those overseas Filipino students, or even those skilled temporary workers, get back to our country after months or years of intensive trainings and studies abroad, they can surely offer and share their expertise to every interested student back home.

My friends and fellow 'netizens' of the web, the things I’ve just enumerated to you are only few, yet significant examples that show how Filipino expatriates and overseas workers sparkle like pieces of diamonds spangled around the globe! Believe me, you—yourselves, are our invaluable gift to the whole world!

How wonderful it is to note that Filipino bloggers across the globe have also been united and gained dauntless strength through this one-of-a-kind effort of KaBlogs Station...

You possess the greatest power and the absolute freedom to write what you think and how you feel; simply, it signifies that the true spirit of democracy is still flourishing until today!
As the Icon of Democracy—the late ex-President Corazon Aquino—showed her motherly concern to the OFW’s, I promise to uphold her Executive Order number 126, and the Republic Act 7111 which was promulgated during her administration. Let your voices be heard. I encourage you to sustain your acts of heroism for our country not just within the pages of your powerful and influential blogs, but also in the foreign land where you’re working right now!

I trust, much more than I am expecting, that you will continue to help in building a strong nation and in shaping a peaceful world to live in! In your simplest way, spread the best news, promote goodwill, create and nurture friendship, reach out and inspire every Global Filipino—blogger or non-blogger—with your brilliant and lovely words.

I know you can do this, that's why I have decided to step out of this eminent throne in the Philippine government come June next year; of course after the much-awaited May 2010 elections. Honestly, I really feel secure to leave my office in 6 months time because I know that you- the Filipino expatriates and OFWs are there—whom I believe, are the real hope of our nation and the genuine gift to the whole world!

Congratulations to all the PEBA winners; isang Maligayang Pasko sa ating lahat, at mabuhay ang PEBA! [To vote for this PEBA 2009 entry, please CLICK THIS.]



Lord CM said...

Hehehe :D Bakit mo naman pina resign agad si Ms. Nunal?, dahil ba andito na tayo eh pwde na sya mag resign? lolzz

Pero astig brod, saan mo nakuha yan?Ilang araw mo ginawa?, ang galing ah!!!nag libot ka talaga sa blogosperyo eh :)

Galing galing pre...

Lord CM said...

Waaahhhh!!!BASED AKO!!!

Ay!!!Ako lang pala audience ni Speaker lolzzz, masyado ata akong maaga..tingin mo pre?

RJ said...

Napakabilis mo! Huh! Nag-i-edit pa ako. U

Ayaw mong mag-resign na si Ms. Nunal?! Ako gusto ko na.

Naisip ko lang ito, Pre, habang namumulot ng mga patay na sisiw sa loob ng manukan. Ilang araw?! Tatlong oras lang! Dati ko na rin kasing nabasa ang mga kwento ng mga bloggers na 'yon sa mga previous posts nila, kaya madali nalang.

Maraming Salamat, nagustuhan mo. Hayz, sana may magbasa nito, ang haba pa naman. Hindi ko kayang bawasan eh. Kulang na 'pag bawasan ko pa.

Ay! Oo nga, ikaw lang mag-isa ang audience ng Keynote Speaker. o",) Hahaha!

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Every PEBA Entry, and you're the 4th, makes me cry. Some things and feelings and that only a PEBA Core can feel. Ask them, from Ruphael, CM, Chico and your's, is a testimony itself that the cause is worth it. You support PEBA by joining, you share your thoughts through blogging, you touched and continually touching lives for good, OFW, expats or not.

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Andito ako, nakinig, hehehe, pumalakpak din! Mahihirapan ang mga judges nito.

RJ said...

Napaiyak kayo? Tsk, tsk, tsk! Malaman ko lang na may impact din sa PEBA founder ang entry ko, masaya na ako! Maraming Salamat, Mr. Thoughtskoto. U

Hahahaha! Tatlo na tayong audience. Teka, nasaan kaya si Tito NJ- the El Presidente?

robnuguid14 said...

Nice futuristic post! Good luck. :)
Doc, may tanong ako, veterianarian ka d ba?

A-Z-E-L said...

congrats for this great post.

than you for joining the PEBA contest.

i wish you all the best Doc RJ...

to be continued pa ang "future tense" manuscript mo...(wish ko lng sinulat muna sa papel sa loob ng plane bago tinype!) lolz!

sige... abangan ko ang kasunod.

A-Z-E-L said...

Doc RJ, put the PEBA url at the 2009 Pinoy Expats Blog Awards logo

and start displaying the nominee banner....


(for PEBA)

RJ said...

Thank you, Rob! o",)

Yup, vet ako sa Pilipinas, hindi rito sa Au. Sige, ano ang tanong mo, hindi ba kayang sagutin ni Pareng Google?

Nagustuhan mo ba, Azel? Salamat ng marami. o",)

Hahaha! To be continued nga 'yan. Totoo. May mangyayaring kahindik-hindik sa keynote speaker! Abangan... U

Okay na Azel, nailagay ko na ang URL, at lahat ng mga sinabi mo. Salamat!

Desert Aquaforce said...

Doc RJ, nag chat kaagad si Kenji saken to let me know na lumabas na daw ang transcript ng speech ni Madam Nunal...LoL.

I'm humbled by your post and at the same time impressed by your futuristic outlook of PEBA. I know you have not only invested your time but your heart and soul to do this post. This sets a tall order for the men and women behind PEBA to do their best and ignite the momentum of what to look forward to during the awarding ceremonies.

You have made the figment of your imagination so real by infusing facts and figures that cannot be denied.

Congratulations to you for a post well done!

Mabuhay si Doc RJ! Mabuhay ang mga OFW! Mabuhay ang PEBA!


poging (ilo)CANO said...

pumalakpak ako ng wanhol...

naramdaman ang talumpati ni Ms.Nunal..natuwa at na touch ako sa speech niya...pero mas matutuwa sana ako kung nagsabi siya na bibigyan niya ng pondo ang PEBA para sa susunod na taon..hehehe

chubskulit said...

Count me in... I applauded too... Great story dok RJ..

RJ said...

Wow, Tito NJ! Natuwa naman ako sa mga sinabi niyo, pakiramdam ko kasi tuwang-tuwa talaga ang PEBA sa aking participation and support, na-a-appreciate niyo po talaga ang simpleng kwentong idinagdag ko. Style lang po ito, para unique naman ng kaunti ang PEBA 2009 entry ko.

Tingnan niyo, naging kilala tuloy si Madam Nunal, hahahah! o",)

Maraming, maraming salamat din po. U

Hahaha! Nakinig ka rin pala sa talumpati ni Madam Nunal, Pogi? Salamat. U

Hahaha! Oo nga pala, ano?! Saan kaya kukunin ang pondo, sa ZTE? JOKE!

Maraming Salamat, Chubskulit! o",)


Whatta Mind, RJ!


robnuguid14 said...

6yrs po ba ung veterinary?

RJ said...

Thanks! o",)

Dito na natin pinag-uusapan 'to ah. Pwede naman sana sa chatbox, ano. Anyway, YES. 6 years bago makuha ang diploma ng Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

...shift ka ba sa VetMed?

chico said...

what more can i say..u and all of us deserve to be heard, even through these small pages of our humble life.

kudos to ur very relevant and time travelling PEBA entry. Malikot na rin ang imagination mo Doc! Baka swine flu na yan, hahaha, nonetheless, maganda siya. congratulations in advance.

i imagine, kung gaano karaming time and effort ang ginamit mo jan para mabuo ang iyong entry. star si nunal pero ang totoo na sinabi, mas star tayong mga OFW na nagpapakahirap para sa pamilya at sa bayan.

The Pope said...

Well I am really glad that you have made this an official entry sa PEBA, its really inspiring, mahihirapan ang board of judges ngaun sa pagpasok mo dre.

The same reason why I really admire you, keep blogging and I will never get tired of following your tracks.

A blessed evening.

Kosa said...

pero sobrang makabuluhan.

BILIB talaga ako say Doc!

Anonymous said...

maganda!! maganda talaga... totoo ba ung mga figures? good research and very witty... and syempre, naiyak naman ako for how well you presented the ofws... kaso.. di ko makita how to vote... i really like it.. galing mo talaga hehe

Quebec, CANADA

RJ said...

Hahaha! Sintomas na ba ng swine flu ang kalikutan ng imahinasyon?! U

Napakaraming oras at lakas ang iginugol para mabuo itong talumpati ni Nunal, bro. Talaga ha, mas kuminang ang mga OFW kaysa kay Nunal? (,"o

Whew! Bakit po mahihirapan ang mga board of judges sa pagsali ko? Dahil napakahaba at nakakapagod nang basahin ang entry na 'to? Hahahah! Parang kulang na po kasi kapag babawasan ko pa.

Thanks! U

Bakit magulo at nakakahilo? Sa dami ng facts and figures?! May mai-sa-suggest ka ba bro kung paano ito mapagaan?

Salamat naman kung ganu'n (bilib ka...).

Marichu, talagang maganda ha. Bakit kaya hindi mo makita kung paano bumoto?! Siguro ang mga bloggers lang ang pwedeng mag-cast ng vote. Di ako sure.

Yes, totoo ang mga figures na 'yon kung nagsasabi ng totoo itong si Google. U

Salamat. o",)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what your 'itutuloy' will contain...something like this (if I were to write it)?

"I would like to honor RJ Pagoto for his heart-warming, creative and always informative posts. (Giggles) Secretly, I get a weekly dose of Chookminder's. Never fails to impress me...never fails to inspire."

Palakpakan. Akala ni GMA sya ung pinapalakpakan. Un pala, dumating ka kasi at ung spotlight, nalipat sa yo. Nadelay pala ung Qantas flight mo. We were all glad you came.

Ehem, says GMA. (Sa loob-loob nya: Agawan ba ako ng spotlight?)...

Congrats, RJ. Huwag sanang ikakagalit ng ibang entries, but you're assured of my vote (a, pwede palang multiple votes d b, hence, you'll be my first vote).

RJ said...

Wow! Parang binigyan niyo po ako ng magandang ideya ng mga susunod na mangyayari sa kwento ni Madamme Nunal, ah. o",) Ayos yan, pero pwede po bang gawin nating first place si RJ sa kwento, para mas may impact ang dramatic entrance niya. U hahaha!

Maraming Salamat, po. May PEBA entry rin po ba kayong ilalabas? Sigurado napakaganda po niyan. o",)

Sardonyx said...

Doc RJ ang galing naman ng entry mo! Bow ako sa'yo, iboboto kita. Mukhang panalo ka na kaagad ngayon palang hehehe. Nakakatuwa naman si Madame Nunal at gusto ko yun detailed description mo sa suot niya bukod pa sa mga setalyadong figures na binanggit mo, talagang pinaghandaan mo ito. Great job! kipitap! :-)

RJ said...

Wow! Isa na namang tagahanga ng aking akda. Huhmn. Maraming salamat po.

Bantayan niyo pong mabuti ang mga descriptions na 'yan sa panauhing pandangal... Sa pagpapatuloy ng kwento niya, matutuklasan ang kaugnayan ng kanyang mga suot sa mga susunod na mangyayari. U

a.r.d.y.e.y. said...

aba aba aba. at kasama din pala ako sa talumpati ni ms. nunal. kapag lumabas ang transcript ng speech nya sa dyaryo sa disyembre, ipapalaminate ko. hehehe.

salamat tukayo. =D

RJ said...

Yes, kasama ka rito, bro! o",) Ayos lang ba? Di na 'ko nagpaalam sa 'yo.

Hahaha! Sige ipapa-laminate ko rin.

Life Moto said...

you do your home work well. Mabuti pa nga sa ibang bansa well appreciated tayo. dahil ba kulang sila sa manpower. sa atin kasi sa sobrang dami ng magaling kaya pagdating sa pag-aaply ay maraming rason either yOu are over qualify or over age.

RJ said...

Medyo mahaba nga lang itong 'homework' ko, Life Nyo Yan, pero maraming salamat na-appreciate niyo rin. o",)

Maraming salamat din sa pagdalaw rito sa The Chook-minder's Quill. Bibisitahin din kita sa blog mo... U

Roland said...

pang awards night pala ito, hehehe.
worth reading though.

RJ said...

Yes, pang-awards night na piece. How I wish makakarating din ito hanggang sa totoong PEBA 2009 Awarding Ceremony.

Maraming Salamat. o",)

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest RJ,
You made me cry.. One can really feel what you mean.
You're one among the best reasons why I always feel proud to be a Filipino. Galing mo talaga Doc!
I hope I could still cast my vote.
Ate Loida

RJ said...

Thank You po, Ate Loidz.

bee_pagong said...

the best ka gid toto wing!!!

RJ said...

O! You've been here! Have you voted for me, yet?

Salamat! o",)

Anonymous said...


astig po nag inyong entry. kahit medyo nag nosebleed ako wahheheheh joke po. :D

I like the way u wrote it and ang mga spice. nice entry!

Gudlack po sa PEBA 2009.

RJ said...

Uy, may nakarating na modelo galing Nova Scotia! Ayos na ayos ang picture mo with the autumn leaves for Nokia Ovi, Topexpress!

Nagustuhan mo ang entry ko, huhmn, sa tingin mo makakapasok kaya sa top ten? Gusto ko rin ang emotions nu'ng PEBA entry mo.

Thank you, at good luck din sa 'yo. U

The Gasoline Dude said...

Haha binalikan ko talaga at hinanap sa archives! Hindi ko alam na binanggit mo ko dito. Salamat. Ayan magbabasa na ko ng blog mo. Haha. (First time ko ata madaan dito.)

好文 said...