Sunday, July 3, 2011


The facade of the Freo Market, W.A., Australia
February 28, 2011.  I was exploring the Fremantle Market (Western Australia) and was expecting to see the local fresh produce of the region but was surprised to discover that there were also arts and crafts, silver jewelries and a few food stalls around.  And in one corner I noticed this boomerang shop.

Boomerang Shop.  Fremantle Market, Western Australia
Boomerang.  I heard this word when I was younger but couldn't understand when the older folks would relate boomerang with a person's deed.  My mom had tried to explain to me that boomerang is a flying tool that, when thrown, will surely come right back without hitting the ground; but she never showed me a photo nor did she draw the said tool, the reason why I couldn't understand the 'boomerang effect' that they were saying. 

...until I came to Australia and have seen the different designs of boomerang! According to Wikipedia, the oldest Australian Aboriginal Boomerangs are 10,000 years old.


The Gasoline Dude said...

Astig! I've always wanted to own a real boomerang.

BlogusVox said...

cool na cool ang dating ni tatang dyan sa boomerang shop ah. : )

bertN said...

How are the Australian aboriginals being treated? No better than our Indians? God have mercy on the soul of the offenders.

Yellow Bells said...

I learned about boomerang in elementary. I am fascinated about the idea that it comes back without touching the ground. parang sa mga chinese movies

Anonymous said...

this was boomerang overload!

..when i was a kid, i had no idea of the difference between frisbee and boomerang, haha!

Sardonyx said...

nice photo, so how much is the boomerang?

Joanie said...

Among my favorite things from OZ...the boomerang and esp with the aboriginal art design. You haven't written any food blog lately? :)

RJ said...

they are fairly treated, that's based on my own observation. There are lots of gov't programs for them, eg. ABSTUDY (tertiary education support).

Ranges from Au$40-90 ang nakita ko.