Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Glow in the Dark

Can't Wait
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I am in a hurry! I can’t wait to see the sunset everyday! I don’t know if the season has been conspiring with my stars, but for the past couple of spring months my days seemed to be longer as it had been equally very tiring!

Unlike before, I am starting to prefer dusk than dawn... Fourteen hours of daylight is too much for me to stay awake, struggling amidst the battle for my victory over my ambitious goals!

My eyes would often get misty because of tears so I haven’t had an excellent sight to gaze over the verdant hills, and I had failed to watch the colourful blossoms as it gradually opened from innocent buds. My physique has been drained by my daily poultry farm routine and my mind has been preoccupied by enormous riddles of my own, that I myself couldn’t even find answers while I’m awake.

I am in a hurry! I am having a countdown for every sundown. I couldn’t wait to see what lies ahead of me in this Land Down Under. I wanted to see the edge of the sun’s disc to quickly disappear below the wide western horizon because it means my hustling hours would be over. I would love to see the intense red and orange hues up in the sky because it signifies another opportunity to slumber, hoping that in my dreams I could unlock the mysteries and finally find the answers hidden behind the darkness of my busy days!

Sunset at the Poultry Farm, Port Wakefield, S.A., Australia


BlogusVox said...

I think what you're seeking, missing and longing is North-West from where you are.

RJ said...

Philippines? Hahahah! I think so. I am planning to take my holiday in February 2009.

Salamat sa pagdaan!

Layla said...

i love sunset. masarap magmuni muni. hehe

RJ said...

Magmuni-muni... at magpahinga, lalo na kung pagod sa maghapong trabaho.

Buti nakarating ka rito, salamat!

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow...you're so emo, man. hehe! but aren't we all? :)

it's cool to know that you're waiting for the dusk. i'm waiting for the dawn of everyday. ganun lang talaga siguro coz we're in different world, dealing with different things but in the end where all the same. looking for happiness :)

you really write well. don't be in a hurry. live the moment.

you write really good, rj :)


wow...you ask alot of questions eh? hehehe!

RJ said...

I 'emote' a li'l, especially if I'm very busy and can't cope lots of things in life!

I love sunrise before, but now there's a sudden change, I don't know why. Lately, I've been feeling so tired during the dawn knowing that I'll start a new 'battle' again. You're right, happiness is everybody's ultimate goal.

Thanks for appreciating my writing, but I admit you write better. Thank you very much for the advice, my Mom told me the same thing: Don't be in a hurry.

ponCHONG said...

it's one i'm missing too.

walang na kasing sunset dito sa amin kasi winter na.

napadaan lang.

Fjordan Allego said...

hanep!! kakanosebleed ang english!! hahahaha!!

napaka emo naman.. wag ganun.. nakakasira ng buhay yun.. tingnan mo ang akin.. hahahaha!!


iceah said...

right you miss home my dear c: buti makakauwi ka din sa Febuary c:

I wish I could write lovely words like you c: my hubby is also good in this kind of writing c:

RJ said...

Yes, holiday! ...wish I could see you in the Phils.

Thanks for admiring my writing! I'll search for your hubby's blog [if he has].

RJ said...

Ganun ba? Sa tingin ko hindi dudugo ang ilong ng Promil Kid na tulad mo sa simpleng Igles kong ito.

Uhmn, sinabi mo pang EMO ako. Wala pa yan... at nahawa lang siguro ako sa iyo. hahaha!

RJ said...

Ang aga naman ng winter dyan sa inyo! Ginaw!

Salamat sa pagdalaw.

Anonymous said...

ang dami talagang naeemo.

teka, nung una kong nabasa ang title, ibang glow in the dark ang naisip ko. hehe.

pchi said...

i still prefer dawn and sunrise though

hindi ko pa kasi nakikita ang sunset eh (haha - kaya pala)

sunrise lang ang makikita dito sa davao 'cause pag lumulubog ang araw natatabunan ng mount apo

weeh! buti naman makakauwi ka sa bansa natin sa feb

Roland said...

haha, parang nagiging emo ka na dyan sa kinalalagyan mo... kua libangin mo sarili mo, wag kang ganyan.... nakakahawa ka eh! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Galing nitong huling shot mo (sunset) -- maski bare yung sky, ganda naman ng pagkaka-composed.

RJ said...

Maraming Salamat po sa pagpansin sa aking photography.

Kinuha ko po ang litratong ito matapos kong isulat ang draft ng post kong ito, medyo nalungkot pa ako kasi nga (TAMA KAYO) bare yung sky kaya walang masyadong 'red and orange hues' na siyang description ko rito ng sunset. Wala na akong magawa, kailangan nang mag-post kaya ganyan nalang talaga ang kinalabasan niya.

Buti na-appreciate nyo pa rin. =)