Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alarm and Pleasures of Discovery

I HAVE A FEAR OF becoming completely innocent about so many things in this world should I focus merely on things directly involved in the operation of this isolated poultry farm in South Australia! For the past 192 days, my daily life has been revolving only inside and outside our chicken sheds. Despite the need of becoming, and my gradual transformation into a Jack of All Trades, I have now decided to explore the outside world again, just like what I was doing back in the Philippines.

My daily routine as a chook-minder really keeps me busy the whole day. I only come to realize just recently that, somehow, I am neglecting and mentally emancipating myself from the outside world—especially in business and finance (I am leaving everything to the world’s best economists), and in politics and law.

In business, for example, I literally don’t care if the companies and firms are already merging. As long as there is something good available in Myer’s and David Jones, or in Coles, IGA and Woolworths, I am not worried...

...the reason why I was surprised to discover that SARA LEE is not only producing the sexiest women’s undergarments, but is making the MOST DELICIOUS CHEESECAKES, as well! I really enjoyed eating it!


Jules said...

huy slamt sa pag dalaw :) nagiba rin ang layout mo ah hehehe

uy rj taga au ka pla. kung gusto mo magpadala nang mga imported chocolates sakin pwede karin mag order sakin. galing duty free. tax free. :)

visit kalang dito.

RJ said...

OK, check ko ang micpinoy, Jules.

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

pards,ganda ng blog ah..

di ko alam na may sara lee pala na food..he he he.

add ko toh ha.

RJ said...

Yup, merong Sara Lee foods, Bro. Kung di ako nakarating dito sa Au di ko rin natuklasan 'to!

Salamat sa pag-add mo ng CM Quill sa blog roll mo.

iceah said...

hahaha c: truly hilarious though c: i can make a cheese cake my self c:

my family once stayed in Cotabato city (my 1st culture shock), about 3 years there then transfered in Gensan.

Roland said...

may ganun?, sarap naman! peborit ko din cheesecake. hehe.