Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chicken Breast

I really feel sorry for this flock because they haven’t savoured the taste of milk in their entire life! Tonight, they are leaving for the dressing plant; so they’ll surely going to lose their chance to sip even a single drop of milk because they’re destined to become breast fillets tomorrow.

I am aware of my chicken’s absolute ignorance about milk, so I never attempted, even once, to flood their drink lines with this liquid food... the fluid that is perfectly nutritious, so powerful to survive neonatal mammals from the attack of every fatal disease and possible starvation!

HOW MANY VICTORIOUS BLOGGERS WOULD have possibly failed to exist in the blogosphere hadn’t their mouth been fed with milk when they were still young? How many successful bloggers could possibly maintain good perception and thoughts through effective neurotransmission; or would they triumph against tooth decay and bone problems as they age without the aid of this calcium-rich drink?

UNDENIABLY, EVERYBODY IS IN DEBT to the ‘organ’ that mysteriously manufactures and secretes this very essential food in every mammalian life! This world would never be the same without this pair of glands—the glands that have been purposely created as part of the body for the sustenance of the ‘young’ life.

But my heart is bleeding to know that these powerful glands could at times become feeble in helping itself to win over its own battle against the deadly malignant growth! I am deeply saddened by the fact that the glands that give life are the same glands that could possibly end life!

In this case, my chickens are still very lucky. They do have huge breast, but this is not their worry.

21 October 2008; 10:30pm.

While I was waiting for the truck and the chicken catchers to arrive for the scheduled harvest, I received a message that a close relative is in the most challenging stage of her fight against breast cancer. I couldn’t restrain My Quill, and this is what it had scribbled!


Anonymous said...

Sipag mong magpost, kako-comment ko lang dun sa sinundan nito (Anggaling mo ring magsulat).

In a way, men are like chickens -- we don't worry about breast cancer. On second thought, chickens are still 'luckier' than men -- because men still worry about possible breast cancer among(?) their loved ones.

RJ said...

Wow! First time ko pong narinig mula sa isang blogger na "Anggaling mo ring magsulat."

Maraming, maraming, salamat po!

donnie said...

hi rj. the parallelism between the chicken breast and the mammary glands of the female species would i say it...thorough?

galing! what an insightful piece!

RONeiluke, RN said...

by 'organ' you mean breasts? ahehehe! ang laki nga ng breast ng mga manok. yun ang paborito kong parte lalo na kapag chicken joy. ahehehe!

so poultry pala kayo? cool :)


thanks, rj!

paperdoll said...

tungkol nanaman sa manok? hahaha. . naawa ka na sa manok eh noh? siguro nung past life mo manok ka:D

ang galing mo magsulat!

ayan! dalawa na kame huh!?

mnel said...

The price we have to pay for the kind of life we're living now. Hugs for you. I don't know what else to say.

RJ said...

Wow! it's nice to have that comment from an "Isang Doctor-to-be." -> "...the kind of life we're living now."

Thanks for the hugs.

Nanaybelen said...

favorite ang tao ang fried chicken. kung mag-kakabreast cancer pa ang mga manok...paano na lang...

Roland said...

posible bang magkaroon ng breast cancer ang isang manok? wondering what would be taste of chicken milk... meron ba nun? :)

RJ said...

Sa pagkakalam ko, HINDI talaga posibleng magkaroon ng breast cancer ang isang manok, naku, paano nalang ang breast fillets?!

Hahahah, naisip mo rin pala kung ano ang magiging lasa ng gatas ng manok? Siguro, ito ay mananatiling isang katanungan at hiwaga na lang. Pero ang dinausaurs ay nasa family line ng mga ibon, di ba?! May gatas ba ang mga dinausaurs? Di ko kasi napanood ang Jurassic Park.