Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deafening Silence

There's a total of 639 swine flu [A (H1N1)] cases in Australia as of this writing! But this is not the major reason why The Chook-minder’s Quill was in silence for a week because fortunately, I am not included in the count!

...I am not on a holiday, either. So if you are thinking that the chook-minder may be one of those 2,000 suspected passengers of the Pacific Dawn that were isolated in the Tasman Sea while waiting for their A (H1N1) test result, you are wrong!

I’m still here in one of the South Australian poultry farms... silent because we’ve been very busy receiving 500,000 chicks for the past 7 days. I am not missing! It’s the Filipino seafarer Arden Jugueta, not the chook-minder RJ, who was named as one of the 228 missing victims of Air France A330 flight 447.

I AM ACTUALLY wondering about and, somehow, intimidated by the powerful combination of the numbers 9 and 11! ...remember the 9/11 USA attacks last 2001 (not to mention the crash of Air France flight 1611 last 1968)? And now here comes the Philippines’ House Resolution number 1109!

Con Ass?! (Just like the belief of the people in the east central Arizona) I wanted to remain silent here in The Chook-minder’s Quill as a sign of anger! I don’t care if Francis Bacon said that “Silence is the virtue of fools”.

THERE’S A VERY CONTROVERSIAL issue concerning the Global Filipinos in the blogosphere these days and I have decided to remain silent, as well!

"Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in SiLENCE. As far as possible without surrender be in good terms with all persons..."


I would like to thank all my friends in the blogosphere who voted for my entry ‘The Keynote...’ for the 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. Mabuhay ang PEBA!


Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

I understand your way of expressing anger Doc RJ and like CM, respect that too.

Thanks for that gentle reminder from the Desiderata page. I was reading that yesterday in my 2005 post.

There are people who make things happen, who watch things happen, and others who wait what will happen.

I wanted to say something about CON-ASS, I am still researching.

bertN said...

I was on a cruise when all of disembarking passengers were screened for elevated body temperature. I had a tiny pocket knife less than the size of my little finger with a thin blade barely an inch in length and it was confiscated at the airport. I'm skeptical about the merit of all these precautions but you just have to go through with all these nonsense when you are traveling or you are not going anywhere.

Sardonyx said...

ok lang doc RJ alam kong busy ka...about sa pagiging silent ok lang din yun hehehe sabi nga ni Lao Tzu, "Silence is a source of great strength" kaya malamang malakas ka na nyan hehehe. Sana lang masugpo na kagad ang sakit na swine flu, nakaktakot tuloy magtravel ngayon tapos nadagdagan pa ng plane crash ng Air France....hay kakatakot na.

Desert Aquaforce said...

Hi Doc RJ,

You have the right to remain silent...LoLz
(though you don't need a legal protection as you are not undergoing police interrogation or trial).

I still remember the Miranda Doctrine... kabisado ito ni Prof PaJay! So glad to hear from you.

There are times when silence has the loudest voice and it is the most powerful scream!

The message is clear. Hats off to you!

Kosa said...

if you have something to say, you dont need to remain silent...

sabi nga ng kasabihan, lahat tayo may laway na idudura sa blogosperyo at karapatan natin yun!

Kosa said...

haaaaaaaaaa? nakakabangenge naman to,
moderated na naman ang comment box mo?lols

Jessie said...

Parang ang hirap sa isang manunulat na nanahimik. i believe that there is something beneath that thought. As for me I respect that kung anuman ang nasasaisip mo bro.
Mas maganda if it will be delivered in a healthy ways.
have a nice day!

The Pope said...

I respect your silence my friend, there are so many ways of expressing protests, you might go to the top of the mountain and shout your anger, or remained in the room, soul searched and pray that may He send His Spirit of love and reconciliation to mankind.

Happy weekend my friend.

docgelo said...

Hello doc RJ,

that volume of swine flu is really alarming; even here in manila, there's a new case almost every week, i lost counting.

i was surprised with the number of chicks you received in a week! half million in 7 days? wow! is that for real? those feathered animals there must be really in heat these days, LOL.

abe mulong caracas said...

your silence made a very very loud sounds!

lucas said...

wow..looks like you're cooking a mystery there with the numbers 9-1-1. hehe!

BlogusVox said...

Mi kasabihan "Don't speak when your angry". You won't be able to think properly. Besides "revenge is best serve when its cold". >: D

Josh of Arabia said...

txs god our dear doctor representing pinoy in that part of OZ is safe..and sound..(a bit anger, though :)

i was just amused that u remember a seemingly negative passage from the famous FB, but did someone once quoted "Silent Water runs deep"..?

i too, wonder what is/are the issues concerning pinoys of blogosphere..pls expand..

and congrats for the PEBA nominations and contest, u of course expect my votes..

look forward to see u get out of ur "shell of silence" soon!.:D

Anonymous said...

Ang daming issues na lumalabas ngayon no?

And I agree, sometimes it's good to be silent about some issues. Ang lagi ko ngang inuulit-ulit na mantra: I am a soul. Am peace.

Pero RJ, sometimes lang ha...huwag palagi.