Friday, June 19, 2009


The poultry farm in Spring 2008, South Australia...

He has never expected that his dreams could put him straight behind bars... that achieving his goal is coupled with countless limitations that could steal his youth away from him!

Australia has a total land area of 7.68 million square kilometres but he has been strictly confined in a 90-hectare poultry farm for the past fourteen months. The country has 21 million people, but he’s been dealing with only 1 person for two weeks now. He has been handling 500,000 birds inside the sheds but he’s been living alone inside his house for four hundred and forty-two days now.

This is his real world—his Australian workplace. The gateway is widely open but he couldn’t dare to pack his things up and leave his ‘cage’ behind—the cage of dreams that promises an exquisite and the most envied life that is yet to come...

This is his current Australian life, if he can call it ‘life’. A life away from his loved ones but closer to his dreams... a life where material wealth is undeniably abundant yet supreme happiness is evidently scarce!


YanaH said...

you call it life.. because it is where you currently breathe now..
might not be the kind of life u wanted... but (like u said) its closer to the reality of your dreams...

Kosa said...

ganyan ang buhay...
para sa taong yun,
alam nya ang sumugal...
he knows what he wants and what he needs.

first step, "needs"
second step lang yung "wants"

he's not alone parekoy...
si Kosa ganun din.


darkhorse said...

brotherly hugs Doc! malice yan ha...mamaya ma tsismis pa tayo....hehehe....nangugnuletz ako kc minsan feel ko yan tapos natutuwa ako kpag may messages khit di ko kilala prang nandoon nrin nkikidamay...kalimitan may sakripisyo tayo sa buhay at tanging mga kaibigan lamang ang mag oofset ng mga ganitong

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Several years ago I blogged about it, an Italian Engineer asked me "Why are you here?" where I should be swimming in our country's beautiful beaches, hanging out with the Beautiful Filipina ladies, and making the best of my time while I am young.

Perhaps, he didn't get it. I am here not just to live life but make a worth, to matter. It is not about being happy, it is about making the love ones- those who are closer to us happy which definitely make us happy as well.

So if you are captive, probably in your imaginations, because there are many things we can do despite the limitations. Not to mention the life Thoughtskoto's live, like Blogusvox, like Nebz, and many others in KSA with restrictions. hehehe

Cheer up, the best-and-should-be-most-sought-single-guy in the blogosphere! hehe.

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

pambihira parang blog entry na yun ah! hehe sorry napahaba ang comment.

The Pope said...

Being an OFW is tantamount to sacrifice, a noble career that entails voluntary exiles into a foreign land, wherein we give up our personal satisfaction in exchange of happiness of our family across the sea.

In chasing our aspirations, we simply allow ourselves to become captives of our dreams, a temporary state of mind - because we strip ourselves of worldly things and and focused on building a strong future for our own family.

A Blessed Weekend.

Josh of Arabia said...

you'r not alone doc-hero!

looking at the flower, the nature, the field, the wonderful country, i guess you have the reason the smile out of ur hardship, homesickness n sacrifice sans the blogging friends who dear and u dear from million miles away...but then again, there are times we couldnt really appreciate the beauty if we' feel like were on our own.

nasaan man tayo sa mundo, di po tayo nagiisa, ..tama yan, isulat mo yan..

Abaniko said...

I hope these are all temporary and that soon you'll find your happy corner under the sky. :)


Di ko na uulitin yung mga sinabi nila sa taas...

Eto na lang...

Sana lang mahanap mo na yung hinahanap mo, or sana mabasa na nung kung sino man ang gusto mong bumasa nung previous entry mo, para MAS masaya ka.


bertN said...

Well said! That's how I felt when I was struggling the first few years I left Pinas. I hang in there my mind, there was no better alternative in sight. I had my youth, my education, my limited experience(I was only in the work force in Pinas for 5 years after college then), and my unlimited desire to give my immediate and extended family a shot at a better life. I think I succeeded...maybe NOT. I sure gave it and still giving the "old college try." No regrets.

It's in the mind! When you are feeling down and out, switch channels and go from there. Each day is a new day. You are tougher, physically and mentally, than you think you are.

BlogusVox said...

For every failure, there is a lesson learned.
For every goal, there is a struggle won.
For every sacrifice, there is a dream fullfilled.

Lahat yan, meron palaging kaakibat.

RJ said...

YOU?! Ako ba yun? joke! o",)


Sa totoo lang, bro sinabi ng taong ito sa aking medyo gumaan ang dinadala niya ksai nalaman niyang hindi pala siya nag-iisa.

Salamat sa hugs, DH! Huh! Baka ma tsismis tayo, hahaha!

Seriously, thank you very much.


Hahaha! '...the best and should be the most sought..' ba? o",)

Thank you very much for opening my eyes wider so I could clearly see these things...

RJ said...

May mga panahon ngang magaganda ang mga nasa paligid natin pero hindi naman natin napapansin dahil kung anu-anong mga di magagandang bagay ang ating nakikita.

Salamat, AJ. U

Hopefully... Thanks, Abaniko! o",)

Hahaha! Talagang ibinalik pa ang issue sa nakaraan kong mga post. U

Wow! Salamat po sa mga sinabi niyo. Na-inspire ako. (,"o

Oo nga po. U

Ang ganda naman ng three lines na 'yon. Maraming salamat, Kuya Blogusvox!