Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upside Down

I'll be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship in thirty-five days.  I have been tirelessly counting days and nights for the past fifty-five days and it has made me excited to get up every morning knowing that I have survived the challenges of the previous day and currently given another opportunity to continue my countdown and accomplish all the tasks ahead to get closer to my goal.  Mornings have been getting cooler and cooler since the onset of autumn three weeks ago, and the sun rises usually after seven but the low temperature and darkness haven't stopped me to start performing my daily farm routine at 5:40 AM.       

While I was checking the sheds at sunrise this morning, I've noticed a stunning reflection on the poorly drained area between our new chicken sheds.  So I took my camera and captured the view.

The reflection of the grain silos and the morning sky at Port Wakefield, South Australia.  March 29, 2011.

Early bird catches 'special worms', indeed! 



Rizalenio said...

This photo is a winner. I wish I was the one who captured this.

Joanie said...

Impeccable. No more words for me to describe. You seem to enjoy what you are doing. Keep it up RJ :)

Kosa said...

wow. the best doc!
sulit na sulit ang bawat umaga!

Z Joya said...


Z Joya

Sardonyx said...

ganda ng kuha! love it!

bertN said...

Now, 33 days and counting! Good for you! Does Australia allow dual citizenship?

Anonymous said...

wonderful, doc rj!

stunning indeed.