Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simply Australia

Australia is not just about kangaroos and beautiful seascapes...  there are, actually, heaps of picturesque sceneries aside from the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  The giant red monolith, and the red soil of Australia's Red Centre and the Flinders Ranges are among the common photographic locations which highlight the mostly hot and dry climate of this continent.

But Australia is so diverse that it takes, entirely, a year (after the complete run of the four seasons in the temperate, grassland and subtropical regions) to experience and appreciate the changing colours of its landscape especially in the agricultural areas where various crops are grown.

The railway bridge, believed to be the highest in South Australia, built over the River Light in Hamley Bridge, S.A..  Photo taken in late winter 2010.

Growing peas on the foreground, blossoming canola field and the three gum trees on the middleground plus nature's cumulonimbus clouds on the background-  simple yet beautiful!  (...along Everard Central-Templers Road, Hamley Bridge, South Australia.)


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