Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Pink Lake

While I was driving from the city this afternoon, I witnessed this very interesting phenomenon... 

The salt crystallization pan at Dry Creek, South Australia.

Located 12 kilometres northwest of Adelaide, alongside Salisbury Highway and Port Wakefield Road is a 4000-hectare salt crystallization pan that has been part of South Australia’s salt-mining industry since 1940.  But aside from its importance in dye manufacturing, food, leather-tanning and paper industries, salt lakes, like this, were once a mystery!  A body of water would usually reflect the blue sky but salt lakes would sometimes boast of its pink dye. 

The warm and dry weather last week followed by the cool and wet conditions in South Australia this week have possibly aided in achieving the suitable salinity, temperature and light to prompt the algae in accumulating the red pigments of the bacteria growing at the crusty bottom of the lake.       

The same phenomenon occurs in the famous Pink Lake in Goldfields-Esperance region, Western Australia. 

The lake boasting its pink dye!  Dry Creek, South Australia.



ishna said...

Interesting phenomenon. Pink lake!

Rizalenio said...

Wow! First time for me to hear story re pink lake and first time for me to see a real pink lake. Amazing.

A-Z-3-L said...

pink lake it is!

and what can i say.. u really have a talent. u know when the subject is worth a shot! :)

bertN said...

Pink is beautiful, especially if it is a lake.

Mo said...

It's beautiful.

Joanie said...

Your blog clearly shows that Oz is more than just the opera house and kangaroos! Continue posting photos of beautiful places in oz! :)

Anonymous said...

fantastic, doc rj!
amazing! i learned something from this post. beautifully captured too especially the first pic.

upto6only said...

wow nice one pink lake :)

bloghopping. Got your site thru Doc Gelo of

Great shots by the way.

RJ said...

Yes it is! Kumusta na Ishna? Sorry hindi na ako nakakarating sa blog mo.

Actually I was thinking na nangyayari rin ito sa mga asinan ng Pangasinan. Hindi ko lang alam.

Talent ba ang tawag dyan, thank you very much then.

Do you have the same lake in California, Mr. Bert?

Yes, it is...
I was trying to enter your blog but I cannot get access. Thanks for visiting.

RJ said...

Yes, I will Joanie. Medyo tinatamad magsulat ng mga words lately kaya photos nalang.

I am glad you've learned something, Doc. Was it mentioned in your General Microbiology subject before?

Good you like the photo, there's no other easier access to the lake except this area kaya yan lang ang result ng photo, pero thanks. I'm happy you like it!

I've been to your blog, and you haven't posted this year! I love the photos there.

Thank you. U

ishna said...

Hi RJ! I'm good. And okay lang kahit di ka nakakapasyal sa blog ko. :) No big deal. I enjoy looking at your photos naman kaya I keep on coming back. Hope all is well. :)