Sunday, February 27, 2011


The Pinnacle Desert, Nambung National Park, Cervantes, Western Australia
My hours of stay in Western Australia are numbered, tomorrow at 6:45am a Virgin Blue flight will take me back to South Australia.  Generally, I enjoyed my stay in this state: the locals I’ve met were so accommodating, the transportation was quick and easy which had given me the chance to visit some interesting destinations in and surrounding Perth.  The Pinnacle Desert in Cervantes, the lovely buildings in Fremantle and the very relaxing, eye-satiating beach in Cottesloe are the best three for me, so far! 

I was also blessed to catch the earliest mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral this morning, the gospel reminded me to set aside all my personal anxieties and let tomorrow worry for itself.  

But there’s no such thing as a perfect holiday.  I had accidentally dropped and broke the polarizing filter of my camera down the cliff of Kings Park and Botanical Garden last Friday; good thing the shops close at nine during Fridays so I was lucky to have the time to purchase a new one in preparation for the Pinnacle tour the next day- where I needed to have that accessory the most. 

Before I left the backpacker resort early this morning, I asked the receptionist to secure me a booking for an airport shuttle tomorrow so I could get to the terminal without spending much dollars.  But he said that I could ask another receptionist assigned in the evening to do it for me because, he added, the Perth Airport Shuttle booking service is open twenty-four hours a day, anyway.  

The Pinnacles, Western Australia

And at about a quarter past seven this evening, after being told by the receptionist on duty, I was surprised and terribly upset to know that shuttle bookings are only until six in the evening.  No choice, the fault or laziness of the other receptionist will force me shell out three times the amount of the shuttle service for the early morning taxi tomorrow.     
In and out of the workplace, in this life, every person has nowhere to escape from various challenges and worries in this universe!  But look at these attractive limestone formations in the Pinnacle Desert; they were believed to be a mixture of broken seashells blown by strong winds into the location where they are now.  Rain, the vegetation that had grown and died, sedimentation, sunlight, strong winds, and soil erosions that had happened for millions of years were the complex phenomena that occurred to reveal the beauty of these Pinnacles!         



bertN said...

I'm glad you were able to take a rewarding trip during your short break from work. I would love to see those limestone pinnacles! How was the weather in Western Australia?

Anonymous said...

fantastic place, doc rj!
nice shots too!

and this line, "In and out of the workplace, in this life, every person has nowhere to escape from various challenges and worries in this universe!" true!

Joanie said...

This will probably defeat Sahara desert. I love oz, wish I can go back soon... Nice pose RJ! :D