Monday, February 21, 2011

Another 'first time'...

I've been in Australia for more than forty-nine months now, but it was my first time to attend a funeral in this country this morning.  It was very different from what I've experienced in the Philippines; I, honestly, have the impression that the occasion was a scene in a Hollywood movie and I was one of the background actors. 

My boss's dad passed away seven days ago, and before taking his body to the crematory late this afternoon they had the funeral mass and eulogy this morning at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Clearview, South Australia.

The event was solemn and emotional, and there were approximately 200 people present- 68 of them came from overseas.  Four members of the family gave memorial speeches in honour of their patriarch named Jose- who was a full-blooded Spaniard but born in Manila, Philippines.  At the age of 50, Jose and his wife took the risk of migrating in Australia in 1971 to seek for a better future for his seven sons and two daughters; and he succeeded.

One of his sons, who spoke in behalf of the family, said that who they are now- their life and their continuously prospering poultry business is all because of their Papa.  And even if he's gone, his memories and legacy will always be with them.

Like this photo that I've captured just this evening; after the sun had set, it left behind this beautiful and meaningful colors to the world!   



YanaH said...

when we start sharing a piece of us to others, asahan na hinding-hindi tayo malilimot.. mawala man physically, the memories be it good or bad will always remain tucked deep inside their hearts.

i love the photo Doc!

Rizalenio said...

Thanks for sharing that story. Totally heartfelt.

...and the last photo, I'm's like a very beautiful painting. You're so lucky to have captured that kind of scene.

Nebz said...

Condolence to the family of your boss. Death comes to us all -- hindi lang natin alam kung kailan at sa kung ano'ng paraan.

I love your photo. It's so...Kablogs! Dapat napublish sa KBJ ito.

RJ said...

Salamat nagustuhan niyo ang picture. Dito lang yan sa loob ng farm kinuha. SOmetimes we don't need to go far to capture beautiful photos, ay?