Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two birds at a time

It was 36'C in Perth when I saw this pigeon seeking refuge under the shade of a tree infront of the Western Australian Museum.
 I missed to publish a post yesterday, but yes I pursued my trip and I am currently in Perth.  For two successive days I have been enjoying my stay here as Western Australia gradually unfolds herself before me.  I’ve been in this continent for more than four years now but this is my first visit to the Golden State.  I decided to fly out of South Australia after completing a batch of a relatively successful broiler-growing cycle.   We’ll not be getting day-old chicks until the fourth of March so I considered this as an excellent opportunity to (1) explore W.A. while at the same time (2) recharging my ‘batteries’.

The place is nice and interesting; the city centre is bigger and busier than Adelaide and sincerely- the people are very friendly!  After visiting the Perth Visitor Centre, browsing some travel brochures and seeing a small part of the W.A. countryside up to 270 kilometres north of Perth today, I started to fear that I might eventually fall in love with this state and forget about my long-time stand that Queensland is my most favourite state in Australia.  

A lone seagull on the shore of Indian Ocean; near Cervantes, Western Australia

This is it for now because my mortal physique is screaming that I need to go to bed.  I promise to post some great photos I’ve taken in Western Australia soon...



Nebz said...

That something I failed to do -- in Saudi. Hindi ko nagalugad ang lugar (at ngayong wala na ako sa Saudi, nanghihinayang ako dahil hindi ko nakita ang maganda n'yang tanawin). I promise to do that in Kuwait (sa liit ng Kuwait, kapag naman hindi ko pa nagawa yun, ewan ko na!).

I'm glad you're enjoying your short trip. Do that, RJ. Don't be like me -- tamad!

And don't take just photos of birds (most especially, pati ikaw din). You'll appreciate that later in life.

Kosa said...

enjoy lang doc!
wag muna alalahanin ang pagbablog..hehe pagbalik mo nalang sa SA

ishna said...

I love the photos! :-) Very calming tingnan. Lalo na yung second one.

Hello RJ, it's been a while. :)

RJ said...

May mga pictures din po ako ng sarili ko pero nahihiya akong mag-post. U

Nakita ko ang mga pictures niyo sa blog lately, they're nice; di lang ako nakapag-iwan ng comment.

Gusto kong mag-blog bro habang nararamdaman ko pa ang mga bagay na nais kong isulat. Kung hintayin kong makabalik sa SA, mawawala na ang totoong emotions.

Thanks, na-appreciate mo Ishna. Hindi na ako nakakapamasyal madalas sa mga blogs ngayon, medy abala sa trabaho. Subukan kitang dalawin these days, okay?

Anonymous said...

glad to have you back to blogging, doc rj!