Saturday, February 19, 2011

In due time

It was cloudy, raining and drizzling the whole day yesterday, and last night I didn't have the chance to see the February 2011 full moon.  But tonight, after shutting the blinds of the chicken sheds, I noticed this round, golden ball rising in the east... then I decided to take a photograph.

Indeed, there are times in this life when we couldn't get to see or achieve something right on the exact moment that we want it, but the universe has it's own special way of showing or giving it to us on a different but surely the perfect time... probably not exactly the same as what we desire but it could be as lovely or even more beautiful than we want it to be.  



YanaH said...

its like a glow in the dark cheeseball hihihi

i know what u mean doc.. ako nga right now, im patiently waiting for something.. it might take a while, i also know that it may never come.. basta whatever it is instore for me.. all in good time.. all in God's time..

ingat po jan Doc!

Rizalenio said...

I've been discussing this with my friends. The full moon few days ago was noticeably bigger. Failed to take photos of the full moon. Usually, saw it after work or at home when I'm tired already.

So happy to see this image.