Sunday, October 25, 2009

Say Cheese!

(The Adelaide Central Market series; part I)

I'm back!

Well, I haven't gone far... I am still working in this poultry farm, and reading blogs when I'm free. Yes, I have not updated The Chook-minder's Quill for the past fourteen days... I have lots of personal stories to tell but I restrained myself from writing it here, otherwise you'll get sick of reading my anxieties and sentiments in life.

Actually, Australia is not just all about my chickens and sad moments. There are a lot of places which are equally if not more exciting than the Sydney Opera House! You simply don't need to have the energy to run like an emu, just try to visit one of South Australia's beautiful destinations and I'm sure you really can't stop yourself from hopping like a kangaroo with your desire to see more lovely spots around the Festival State. Money-back guarantee, you'll love to hug this place like a cuddly koala!

I understand that most of you are saving your holidays for the upcoming PEBA event this December (thank you for voting my entry)... meantime, allow the Chook-minder's Lens and Quill to take you to one of my favourite destinations in the city- The Adelaide Central Market.

The facade of Adelaide Central Market, Grote St., Adelaide City, S.A.

Just a 3-minute walk from the historic Adelaide Victoria Square, the market is situated along Grote and Gouger Sts., only a few steps away from Hilton Hotel. Experience the display of vibrant colours, the smell of the tempting aroma, and the taste of fresh and delicious products that are mostly grown and made just around Adelaide and its suburbs, as well as the South Australian countryside.

The Adelaide Central Market during the 'Friday Night Shopping'...

There are, more or less, 80 stalls inside, selling stuffs that could largely describe the Land Down Under as a multi-cultural country. The choices are so diverse- from products which are proudly Australian to those which are European-, Asian-, and American-influenced.

Our first stop, the dairy and the bakery sections...

Edam, blue-veined, and emmental cheeses...

Edam cheese (The Netherlands, upper left in the above photo) is commonly called as queso de bola in Spain and the Philippines. It is very compatible with fruits such as peaches, apricots, melons and cherries; and if aged, this hard cheese is often eaten with pears and apples. It also goes well with your favorite cracker or an accompaniment to Pinot Noir wines.

Blue-veined cheese (Italy, lower left in the above photo) is my least favorite cheese because the Penicillium mould is visible, and its mouldy smell is very distinct! Whew!

Emmental cheese (Switzerland, right in the above photo) is very common in cartoon shows. When I was still young, I thought this cheese is the favorite snack of mice- and that the holes present are the remains of their nibbling activity... not until my college days, when I've learned from my Meat and Milk Hygiene subject that these holes are actually bubbles which are formed as (the bacteria) Propionibacter shermani releases carbon dioxide gas after consuming the lactic acid excreted by Lactobacillus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

-RJ's college notes
-personal experience

This section is the reason why my dining room has smelled like fart! I bought 166 grams of Cremeux de Argental cheese from the Smelly Cheese shop. It costs Au$59.95 a kilogram or PhP2,580 in the current exchange rate.

Smelly Cheese Shop's Cremeux D'Argental

It is a variety of a soft cheese (brie) that is very mild yet the taste of mould as well as the hint of ammonia are still there! The microorganisms called Penicillium candidum, P. camemberti and Brevibacterium linens which are inoculated in the milk curd during the production of brie are responsible for its very distinctive taste and aroma. Interestingly, Brevibacterium linens is commonly present in the human skin and is the primary cause of foot odour!

But I love Cremeux de Argental; it is great if eaten with crackers (Au$ 2.80) or any bread of your choice, especially if consumed with a cup of coffee, alfresco with a loved one.

To be continued...



A-Z-E-L said...

cheese doc!

wow! big bread... big cheese... ang sarap naman dito.. kakakrelax kahit madaming trabaho! hehehehehe!

and thanks for the info... now i know bakit may butas ung cheese.. kala ko rin kinagat ng daga! lolz!

BlogusVox said...

Yung Edam at Emmental cheese natikman ko na, pero Cheddar at Mozarella lang ang kaya ng ilong at panlasa ko. : )

The Pope said...

Wow I love those cheese, I had a chance to taste those smelly cheese which are perfect with crackers like sky flakes topped with caviar hahahaha.

Grabeh ang daming cheese, ang sarap.

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

This is nice. mukhang mga big bread nga. walang price? mga how much naman dyan compare sa atin Doc Rj? Next post ha, with price. hehe

fjordz said...

cheese kung cheese! ganyan pala kalalaki ang mga tinapay diyan! grabe! parang yung sa Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa at Cedie lang ah? hehehe

ang sarap siguro maggrocery diyan. pero kung 2k+ ang bill ang para sa cheese? oow.. ang mahal!

Abaniko said...

Cheese is also good as cocktail food, no? Too bad I'm not a cheese person.

dyosa said...

Oh wow! Just by looking at the wide array of bread and cheese made me want to visit the store!

That's just heaven.

r-yo said...

my taste buds unfortunately, were not equipped with cheese appreciators. hanggang keso de bola lang ako in small servings. :-) nice blog you have.

MarcoPaolo said...

Isang Big Bread at isang Big Cheese.... akin na! :)

Sardonyx said...

Naks si Doc RJ bumawi may photoblog na hehehe, mukhang lagi mo na bitbit ang camea mo ngayon ah hehehe, ok yan....thanks for sharing these info about cheese like AZEL ngayon ko lang nalaman kung bakit may bilog bilog yun mga keso na yun hehehe. Di ako mahilig sa cheese yun queso de bola di ako kumakain nun dahil di kami makabili nun dati hahaha. Yun bread sobrang laki naman ang hirap ubusin LOL hay di rin ako mahilig sa bread pero mukhang kakagutom yun mga pics mo.

Photo Cache said...

Love the gourmet markets like this. I am into soft cheeses like brie and camambert.

Chyng said...

Those cheese na nakikita ko lang sa hotel buffets! bit expensive yan dito!

RJ said...

Hahaha! Hindi pala ako nag-iisa. U

Try niyo rin po 'yong roquefort (blue-veined), pero sigurado hindi niyo magugustuhan tulad ko. o",)

Ayan, gusto niyo pala ang mga keso, mag-i-enjoy po kayo rito sa Central Market.

Sa Qatar po ba may ganito ring gourmet market? Anong major product nila diyan?

Oo nga, di ko nakuha ang mga presyo. Talagang nahahalatang hindi ako food/travel blogger. Next time aayusin ko ang mga infos. Sigurado akong mas mahal ang mga itinitinda rito kaysa sa atin.

Sina Sarah at Cedie rin ang naisip ko nu'ng una kong nakita ang mga tinapay rito. Actually noon, nagpa-picture pa akong katabi ng mukha ko ang mga malalaking tinapay. Gusto mong makita, Fjordz?

Yes, tama ka.

Bakit ayaw mo ng keso, Niko?!

RJ said...

Welcome to The Chook-minder's Quill!

Indeed! You'll surely enjoy the market. I bet, Blogalag will have a lot of great photos and interesting stories about the Adelaide Central Market after your visit. o",)

Ayaw mo ng cheddar? Si Abaniko ayaw rin ng keso.

Thanks! Welcome to The Chook-inder's Quill! o",)

Kung nandito ka Mark, bibigyan kita ng keso. Marami pang natira rito. U

(,"o Noon pa, Sardonyx palagi na akong may dalang digicam. Hindi lang ako naglalagay nito sa blog kasi nahihirapan akong mag-ayos (layout). Huh!

Welcome to The Chook-minder's Quill! U

I can eat brie as long as it has a mild, or very mild flavour.

Kahit dito mahal din itong mga keso, pero bumibili pa rin ako pakonti-konti. Explore lang sa mga tastes of Australia. U

AJ said...

looking at those keso, mararamadam mong 5 star ang cost of living dyan.

tama yan doc, bring us more shots of OZ ! ipasyal mo rin kami out of your manukan. :)

AJ said...

looking at those keso, mararamadam mong 5 star ang cost of living dyan.

tama yan doc, bring us more shots of OZ ! ipasyal mo rin kami out of your manukan. :)

aLONE but not LONEly said...

Great post RJ!

I learned a lot about australia. Tanyag rin pala ang keso dyan kala ko sa Europa lang. Yung The Adelaide Central Market ay parang postcard ang dating. Thanks for sharing!

Fine Life Folk said...

Goodness! Cheese and bread galore! I'm into feta cheese lately. YOu are so lucky to be where the dairy action is.

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