Sunday, October 4, 2009


There are beautiful places in this world that are luckily spared from the heavy rains, flood, earthquake and tsunami...

I know that most of us are still soaked with the saturating mud of nightmare brought by Ondoy; while some are still covered with the rubbles of broken dreams, lost livelihood, and most especially, loved ones. Surrounded by misfortunes, I believe that people around the globe, not only Filipinos, have once again proved that the spirit of peace, unity, and generosity still exists in our world until today. And with the widespread prayer offerings occupying substantial pages of the internet lately, I am also certain that trials and tragedies in life really bring us closer to the Almighty.


While the entire Philippines is praying and hoping for sunshine after the rain, it is also the best time for National Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro to shine and prove his worth to become the next president of the country. For me, his name is not as nationally famous as his cousin’s name- Noynoy Aquino (who is also aspiring for the presidency in 2010), but being the current chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council this is an opportunity for Sec. Gibo to improve his popularity and move closer to his dream.


Honestly, because of the natural calamities in the Asia-Pacific Region, I am now unaware of any development regarding the proposed implementation of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for all motor vehicles in the Philippines. I have been working and living in Australia for nearly 33 months now, and have purchased a second-hand vehicle lately but I haven’t encountered this kind of thing in this first-world country. I, actually, couldn’t believe that the Land Transportation Office of a third-world country is so confident to ‘switch on the ignition’ of this 2-billion peso project without undergoing a thorough consultation among the transport groups and the business sectors.

Two thumbs-up for the DoTC for doing its best in strengthening the system of the LTO to wipe out all ‘colorum’ vehicles; and in helping other government agencies such as the DILG for the anti-carnapping campaign, and the DENR for the Clean-Air Act... but, I will give them my PMA and PNPA-style salute as soon as another 2 billion (or more) peso is allocated for more LRT and MRT railcars in Metro Manila (to avoid this scenario); or by simply implementing stringent Maritime Industry rules and regulations to avoid or lessen sea accidents; or even simpler- a strict monitoring and surveillance of the Philippine telecommunication law to achieve an affordable means of communication so every Filipino could enjoy the opportunity to get closer to their loved ones despite the geographical distance from each other.


How about my introductory statement: “There are beautiful places in this world that are luckily spared from the heavy rains, flood, earthquake and tsunami...”? Sorry, I got carried away; I’ll focus on this topic on my next post.



The Pope said...

that by the end of the day, there is a shining sun hiding behind those dark clouds.

On Sec. "Gibo" Teodoro, I guess Storm Ondoy has "giba" his reputation and brought darkenss on his political horizons. Gibo and his NDCC agency was caught in a dilema of inefficiency in disaster management. Then, instead of owning up responsibility for the loss of life and property, the government blames Ondoy and global warming. His slim chance of winning has been totally eroded and washed away by Ondoy, even without storm, a person who always defend an administration that brought the entire country into political crises, corruptions, expensive diners anf human rights abuses will never have a chance to shine in the hearts of the poor, the youth, and the labor sector.

On the issue of RIFD is another money making scheme of the LTO, who would believe that this has no blessings from Malacanang? This is another fund raiser for the coming election if it was now petitioned by the the transport group.

Yes I laud the DOTC on its effort in cleaning its agency of scalawags., I hope this is not another ningas cugon project.

A blessed weekend.

Kosa said...

there are soooo many beautiful places in the world at ganundin ang tao Doc.. marami ding mabubuti.

Gilbert Teodoro?
parang hindi ko sya kilala.. (sabagay, hindi rin naman siguro nya ako kilala) lol tingin ko lang, wala syang potential na maging RP pres. baka naman pakawala lang yun ng Admin para hatiin ang botante since kamag-anak sila nila Boss NoyNoy
sabagay, hindi rin naman siguro.

magiging hightech na ang systema ng LTO at DOTC kung ganun? baka naman gagawin lang panakip yung project na yun para matakpan ang kurakot? lols

pasensya na DOc,
napaka-negatibo ko sa oras na to..lols

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Yes, i agree doc RJ, that people especially Filipino have proven that there is still goodness in this world, and we still wear our best smile.

Gilbert Teodoro, whom, magsponsor ba siya ng PEBA? sana. hehehe

Noynoy, papayag kaya siya na maging one of the speaker? hehe

RFID, sorry wala pa akong knowledge about dyan. hhehehe

Cge will wait for the introduction post, nabitin.

Anonymous said...

Ondoy brought us closer -- not only to God -- but to our inner heroes.

Regretfully, we'll once again be divided by politics soon. Haay...

BlogusVox said...

Dyan mo makikita ang "Bayanihan spirit" ng pinoy when it comes to this. Isang katangi-ang unique to us.

As for this "high-tech gadget" of the LTO; suspect anything that didn't passed thru public bidding. May it be the LTO or any government agency. Remember they need all the money they could steal to fund the coming election.

Dyan tayo dapat mag-isip kung si Teodoro ba ay karapat-dapat iboto, inspite of his "pa-pogi", because it's the current administration who is funding his election.

fjordz said...

actually, una kong narinig yan sa DZMM nung nakikinig ako. Commercial pa na nananawagan na starting October 1 ay pwede nang kumuha ng RFID na yan.. yun pala hindi pa pala nakokunsulta yan sa mga transport groups. Hindi ko tuloy maiwasang maisip na kakwartahan lang nila yung project na yan tsk tsk,..

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

sa opinyun ko rin, medyo nagpahinga ang gobyerno sa biglang bulusok ni ondoy kaya ayun todo hanap ng paraan at di nakapaghanda sa ganito...anyway, buti nalang at nakitaan ng pinoy na kailangan magtulungan at di na muna umasa sa kanila.

taympers said...

magandang agenda ng gobyerno pero may nakikiang akong magiging butas nito.

Chyng said...

I like the part that everybody turns to be very responsible and caring for each other. May mga blessing in disguise sa bawat misfortunes. ;D

YanaH said...

if there's one good thing about typhoon Ondoy that i can say.. its that... it brought people together... Ondoy united the whole nation...

as for Teodoro... it doesnt matter if he's nto [popular... do we really need someone who's really famous? can the rich and famous uplift the country sa kasalukuyang pagkakalugmok nito?

RFID? i dont think its such a good idea.. sinasabi na magiging solusyon toh sa pagkaayos ng trapiko dito sa pilipinas.. i doubt it..

RJ said...

On Sec. G. Teodoro?! Simple. Dahil hindi siya kilala, pakiramdam ko hindi siya mananalo. Paano ko iboboto ang taong ngayon ko lang narinig ang kanyang pangalan? Kaya ang ibig kong sabihin, pagkakataon niya ito ngayon para sumikat, patunayang pwede siyang maging pangulo ng bansang Pilipinas.

PUSANG-gala said...

I can't agree more---we get laxe during sunny days at yun yung mga time na nakakalimot tayong tumawag---went to Bohol from Cebu this weekened tru supercat and I was surprised na sa sobrang takot ko dahil maalon, I said sorry, sorry sorry to God for the last 30 minutes of the trip......

issshhh said...

I actually didn't know who Gibo was until the news about him running for president broke out. :-) I thought of the same thing actually, now is his time that he's worth people's vote.

reymos said...

I left Manila few hours before the typhoon hit the metropolitan area. Believe it or not, it was not the heavy raining on that day caused the flood. Few days prior this disaster, it was raining heavily every day which somehow increase the water level in the dam! Personally, it was not Ondoy, it was the release of water from the dam (without warning) that caused this disaster. There are more low lying areas in Manila which always flooded every year, but how come that Marikina, Cainta and some part of Rizal were seriously affected? Well, these places are near Marikina River and of course near to the flood gateways which the flow of the water from the dam are controlled. I dont know why the Phil government does not have much funds for this emergency situations considering that the country is prone to calamities. We cant always depend on international donations for immediate recovery! The govt should set aside a substantial budget every year to finance these unpredictable problems.