Monday, March 2, 2009


The Philippines... couldn’t just depend solely on poultry exportation to earn the sufficient amount of dollar to fill up it's nearly exhausted 'piggy bank'...

...Philippine human exports have been gradually increasing through the years leaving the one thousand one hundred and eight islands brain-drained!

Before I decided to come to Australia I had spent my last twenty-six months in the Philippines as a veterinary epidemiologist in a swine integrator. I was there to monitor 22 breeding farms, 11 nursery stations and 149 growing farms of the company. As a member of the animal health services group, I was busy visiting farms five days in a week, while spending the remaining two days for regular meeting, thinking, planning and decision-making. (Of course while I'm driving from farm A to farm B, and to farm C it’s the best time to ponder about my tasks, as well.)

IN AUSTRALiA. I’ve been working as a livestock farm overseer for twenty six months now; and during my first year of work in a piggery farm in Queensland, the veterinary consultant had only been there twice for a visit! I’ve been in this chicken farm for 14 months already (as a part of a team that produces 1,000,000 chooks every 60 days) but I haven’t seen even a single vet visiting just to simply say “Hi!” to these poor (rich?) birds!

Australian piggeries and poultries don’t need a close monitoring and regular surveillance of a veterinary epidemiologist, anyway, because for 776 days of my stay in this country, I’ve only seen nutritionally- and stress-induced scouring in pigs, and genetically- or nutritionally-related lameness in chickens! What a boring life!

Australian livestock farmers are complaining, though, because for ages, their government has been very stringent with their genetic importation laws—the reason why the genes of their stocks have been relatively getting worse. Based on my personal observations, I agree with these farmers. While the Philippines has been continuously producing lean finisher pigs having a well-trimmed belly with a broad shoulders and hams, Australian pigs are lamentably saggy having large bellies with tapered shoulders and hams, others actually have unhealthy hooves because of poor genetics.

YES, PHILIPPINES HAS the capability of producing muscular pigs because our importation laws has been allowing us to import the best genetic stocks from other countries, possibly (definitely?) up to the point that our sea- and airports become very imprudent. Proper quarantine and biosecurity measures could be sometimes (?) ignored, tolerating the entry of those disease-laden live animals, meat, eggs, milk and milk products, etc.

Our virology professor once said that, “All animal diseases are present in the Philippines, except rinderpest!” Name it, we have it. Whoowow! A Filipino veterinary medical student couldn’t help but feel the excitement that someday he could possibly become one of the best veterinarians in the world—a globally-competitive vet for the reason that every disease encountered in the field would gradually equate to expertise.

The Philippines has been modestly exporting poultry to Japan because it is boasting its freedom from avian influenza (or bird flu; and if this is virologically true I must be very proud). However, last December 2008 I was saddened by the news regarding the outbreak of Reston Ebolavirus in pigs of Luzon; and recently 6,000 hogs were humanely slaughtered and burned in Pandi, Bulacan as part of the measures to control the above-mentioned, dreaded viral disease of swine nowadays.

DESPITE THOSE undesirable physical features of the hogs in Australia, these relatively small, family-owned piggeries and dairy farms here are very fortunate to be granted with the important documents allowing them the mass exportation of live animals, pork, milk and dairy products, etc. in New Zealand, Singapore, and more... This is because animal diseases with biosecurity concerns are nonexistent in Australia.

The Philippines, however, couldn’t just depend on poultry exportation alone to earn the sufficient amount of dollar to save its sinking economy. Instead, the Philippine government is very proud of exporting its agriculturists and licensed veterinarians to work as livestock farm attendants in various 'critical animal disease-free' countries worldwide where their scientific knowledge is only indirectly necessary. Philippine human exports have been gradually increasing through the years leaving the one thousand one hundred and seven (...eight during low tide) islands brain-drained!

Brain... Filipinos are known to be brainy. Filipino veterinary epidemiologists and medical practitioners are very good in the prevention and control, as well as in the treatment of various zoonosis because they’ve been well-exposed and experienced since college days.

There is an ‘epidemic disease’ in the Philippine society, however, that doesn’t need globally competent veterinary and medical practitioners. The ‘causative agent’, preventive and control measures are already known but nobody would dare to administer the most effective treatment to this ‘communicable viral disease’ of our country...

...just wondering why ca
n’t we humanely slaughter and literally burn all those who are infected with the ‘virus’?


A-Z-E-L said...

epidemya na yan... mahirap ng i-control. patuloy na lang kakalat ang "disease" na yan...

basta Doc, masaya na akong walang ban sa pageexport ng chicken & chicken products. sa mahabang panahon, yan ang bumubuhay sa buo naming angkan... at salamat sa OMA sa patuloy na pagbibigay ng certificate... salamat sa mga Muslim sa patuloy na pagtangkilik sa mga manok (wag sana kayong dapuan ng buni).

At saludo ako Doc sa sinabi mo... Filipino are known to be brainy. isang masigabong palakpakan para dun!

Nebz said...

Hula ko lang: Kung naging teacher kita, I will like you because you discuss something that's engaging. Pero I will soon forget your lessons dahil sa dami ng mga technical terms na binabanggit mo.

And I'm sure, babagsak ako sa klase mo dahil hindi ako makaka-cope sa mga lessons.

Pero...malaking pero...I like the way you apply your work and profession dun sa mga social issues ng Pinas.

Bakit nga ba we can't seem to cure the social cancer of our country? Paano kasi nobody knows how to do it. Nagsisimula lang tayo palagi pero hindi naman natin natatapos...EDSA, for example.

Pero siempre, let's remain hopeful. Maraming nagagawa ang pagkakaroon ng pag-asa.

mightydacz said...

hi dokie!!!galing mo talaga dok nai connect mo ang nature of ur work sa social issues sa 1107(8 kung low tide)islands of Pinas lol.

Makibaka wag matakot!!!sunugin lol

poging (ilo)CANO said...

laki naman ng kabayo...

kailan kaya ako makakasakay ng kabayo?...lolz...

ORACLE said...

Kakalungkot nga Doc...

Hindi ko masisisi ang brain drain gawa ng pangangailangan personal ng ating mga kababayan.

Ang bottomline na tanong para sa lahat ay "Pera o Bayan..."

Buti pa ang manok at baboy, hindi kailangan maging nationalistic. hehe. =)


Thought provoking insights.

Im not really familiar with laws and "vets life" but I think you are talking about other countries exporting products and Philippines exporting "brains" to other countries?

RJ said...


Uhmn, poultry producer pala kayo sa Philippines? Wow!

Hahaha! Natuwa naman ako sa nais mong palakpakan. U Maraming salamat, Azel.

Huh! Para po bang teacher? At marami po bang technical terms? Hindi po ako makaisip ng ibang salita, eh.

Talagang 'yon lang naman ang palagi kong ginagawa rito sa mga posts ko, naghahambing lang po palagi, mas madali kasi para sa akin.

Hope. Ito po yata ang salitang bubuo sa post kong ito. Thanks, Kuya Nebz! U

Hahaha! Ang ganda ng isinigaw mo, ah! Minsan ka na rin bang nagawi doon sa Mendiola? lol (,"o

Hindi ka pa ba nakasakay sa kabayo?! Hindi ako makapaniwala! Alam mo, 'yan ang kukumpleto sa pagiging pogi natin. (,"o

Nag galing ng tanong o ang pinagpipiliang inihayag mo rito. Pera nga ba o bayan? Huhmn...

Oo nga, wala sa mga mga hayop ang pagiging nationalistic. o",)

Correct! You got it, KJ.

abe mulong caracas said...

regarding the ebola reston virus, medyo ayaw ng PAWS ang paraang ng depopulation ng 6000 baboy na apektado sa bulacan. But still ginagawan ng paraan para maging "humane" ang pagpatay sa kanila bago sunugin.

yung "ibang" infected ng virus na sinasabi mo, mahirap sunugin, nagpapadami sila eh! di nga tao uunlad!

SuperGulaman said...

"I’m just wondering why can’t we humanely slaughter and literally burn all those who are infected with the ‘virus’?"

tanong ko din yan sa sarili ko o baka nga pati si Rizal tanong din yan... pero hindi dahil siguro walang gustong mag-administer ng treatment...nagkataon lang na pati sila nahawaan na ng 'virus'... :)

Summer said...

This is a great post friend..
Sana may mga pulitikang mkabasa pra mkapag-isip nman sila..
Gusto ko yang topic mo,at naidikit mo pa tlga ang work mo sa problema ntin sa pinas..hehehe..
Keep on writing..=)
Have a nice day..

Reena said...

naalala ko tuloy yung mga pigs na papatayin. :( so sad. kelangan ba talaga silang patayin? :) wawa naman....

REDLAN said...

@ years and 2 mothns ka na pala dyan sa australia to be exact. Do you have that aussie slang already? I love to hear it. hehehe. Medyo nagkaroon ng lugi sa babuyan. Buti na lang manok ang inaalagaan mo dyan. Uy, maganda ang negosyo na fattening cows. Tapos ibenta, we have that back home.

Tama ang advice mo doc. Sana makakarating yan sa gobyerno.

Nanaybelen said...

Hay Dok! 'kala ko ikaw na ang nakasakay sa kabayo.

Oo nga daming papatayin na baboy dito at susunogen. Sayang! mali nga ang pilipinas Kung inimploy sana nila ang ang magagaling na veterinarian di wala sana silang lugi at napalago pa lalo ang farms dito at maging exporter pa ang 'pinas . Dati ang asawa ko ay nagbaboyan din sa Batangas tapos nong malalaki na ay inabot naman noon nang Foot and mouth disease. Ayun! hindi pinakinabangan nag-init ang ulo, ako tuloy ang pinag-initan at h....heheh

Josh of Arabia said...

napanood ko nga sa tv..ang sabi nang una ipapakain na lang daw iyong mga baboy sa buwaya..tapos later on, injeksyunan nakakahinayang nga e.

tsk tsk..binaboy na mga baboy..sori doc alam ko mahal mo sila, smile


Josh of Arabia said...

i mean smile ka na..mkhang puro gloomy ang mga latest post mo kc

A-Z-E-L said...

pareho lng tayo ng dating minahal doc Aga... monterey ka.. magnolia ako. iisa ang ninuno natin, SMC.


RJ said...

Abala talaga ngayon ang swine industry dyan sa Phils. Nakaka-miss...

Hindi naman pwedeng gawin sa mga 'infected' na 'yon ang ginawa natin sa mga pigs na affected ng Reston Ebolavirus.

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Lahat 'ata ay ganyan ang tanong, 'Yet. Itanong mo nga kay Supergulaman o Wonder G kung may magagawa silang mga superheroes sa kalagayang ito. U

Nakakatuwa namang basahin ang comment mo. o",) Salamat, pero hindi ako makapangakong magsusulat ako nang magsusulat, minsan kasi nakakapagod at nakakasawa na rin. =,{

Ang pag-condemn sa mga baboy na affected ng nasabing virus ay ang pinakamabuting gawin para tuluyan nang maiwasan ang pagkalat nito. Kawawa nga sana... =(

Anong mobile number mo Red, tatawagan kita, ipaparinig ko sa 'yo ang Aussie accent ko. Hahaha! JOKE! (,"o

Seriously, kailangan i-pronounce din kasi kung paano nila pino-pronounce ang mga salita rito, kasi kung hindi Au accent/twang, hindi ka rin nila masyadong maiintindihan.

Hindi po ako 'yang nakasakay sa kabayo, ako po ang kumuha ng photo, hindi nga po masyadong maganda ang pagkakuha, eh.

Huhmn, may piggery po pala kayo dati. Marami na rin po ngayong mga sakit ang mga pigs dyan sa Phils, hindi lang FMD.

Smile naman ako palagi sa personal/totoong buhay, bro. Sa blog lang ako nakasimangot, namumrublema at umiiyak. Buti nalang may The Chook-minder's Quill. Kung wala... Huhmn.

Ganu'n ba?! Kapamilya pala tayo sa SMC! Wow! Si Chico ng Dude of the Desert dating SMC rin 'yon.

jeszieBoy said...

sa dinami dami ng mga sinabi mo.. isa lang tlga ang nasa isip ko.

ang sarap nyang mga hayop na yan!haha kidding!

Sardonyx said...

Minsan napapalatak na lang ako sa problema sa Pilipinas, grabe na, di mo alam kung nagtitipid ang gobyerno o ano talaga. Pati baboy problema pa rin hehehe. Thanks for this info dok ngayon ko lang nabigyan pansin ang vet life hehehe through your blog.

Roland said...

kuya rj, alam mo sana nag titser ka na lang... sarap siguro mangabayo este sumakay pala sa kabayo :P

darkhorse said...

ganda naman ng line of work mo...kaso challenging!

Ba't di sinusunog? cguro pinupulutan ng mangiinum...hula k lng

RJ said...

Saang hayop, 'yang nasa larawan?

Hindi nawawala ang problema sa mga farm/food animals sa Pilipinas, ang daming sakit doon!

Pangarap kong maging lecturer sa Vet Med, sana matupad... dito sa Australia. U Libreng magarap, 'ika nga.

Yes, sarap ngang mangabayo. o",)

Maganda ba?

Manghuhula ka rin pala? Si Sardonyx (dyan sa itaas nag-comment) ay manghuhula 'yan sa blog niya. Huhmn, baka ikaw si Sardonyx, ha?

Kosa said...

malaman na malaman at makabuluhan doc..

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

isa sa mga gustong gusto kong blog about information is your blog doc. kaya nakidoc na rin ako kasi marami akong natutunana sau. nagustuhan ko ang 'pride for the filipino's theme pero honestly nalungkot ako dun sa mga baboy na sinunog. ay sa mga may-ari pala ng baboy, malaking pera at kawalan din yun.

2L3Bs World said...

Doc RJ,

I guess the Aussies no longer need the vets' constant visit noting that you're there. lucky them..

I can't get through with some of your jargons but one thing is clear to me, Philippines had lost one of its competent veterinarian.. It's YOU, doc..

Grabe, ang galing mo..

I am Bong said...

Very informative and at the same time, hindi boring basahin. That's what I always love about your blog Doc. Ang dami kung natutunan. Parang 'Information Avenue'... Hehe

God bless and ingat lagi...

RJ said...

Huhmn. Salamat, bro. Ang tagal mong nawala, ah! Pagbalik English na ang ginamit mong wika sa bagong post mo sa blog mo, ayos naman! U

Salamat. U

Nakakalungkot nga para sa mga namuhunan sa piggery na 'yon pero 'yon ang pinakamabuting gawin- ang sirain ang mga hayop na nagdadala ng virus upang hindi na ito kumalat pa sa ibang babuyan (at sa mga tao).

Hahaha! Siguro nga po, malamang yan ang reason kung bakit walang vet na nagbibisita rito sa manukan.

Nagulat naman ako sa huling pangungusap niyo. o",)

Salamat. Palitan ko nalang kaya ang pangalan ng aking blog- Informative Avenue? Hahaha! U

Maus said...

hello doc!!!
yap napanood ko si kuya kim hahaha katawa naman comment mo salamat!!!
ingat and keep blogging ganda ng mga alaga mo dito ah...

lucas said...

“All animal diseases are present in the Philippines, except rinderpest!”--ang galing naman natin! hahaha! nasa tin lahat ng sakit :P ang galing mo! being a vet and livestock expert and all. ang hirap pala ng work mo.

thanks for this. very informative! :)

thanks for the advice. but i don't drive..yet. hehe!

RJ said...

Maraming Salamat. Hindi ko mga alaga 'yan, PinICTUREan ko lang. U

Magaling ba?! Nakakagulat naman, hindi ako expert, ROn. Observation ko lang ang mga ito.

Mag-drive ka na, Boc! o",)