Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Joining the Magi

wenty-three days from now, the Christian (as well as some of the non-Christian) community across the globe will be celebrating the most festive day of the year. Everyone has been looking forward for the coming of this very special day and has been traditionally counting the number of sleeps before Christmas immediately a day after the last Christmas celebration!

Undeniably, people whose workplace is miles away from home would love to schedule their vacation during Christmas season, and those whose workplace is just close to their hometown couldn’t resist the desire to take a day off during this day. In some countries, employees are obviously very excited as December draws near because of a longer break from work during the holidays and primarily, it is the time to receive the ‘thirteenth-month pay’ and the Christmas bonus from their generous employers.

Christmas really has a magical impact in this world! It is the season when houses and offices; malls and stalls; as well as gardens and lanes are displaying colourful lights and decorations! It is the time when Christmas carols fill the air, and Christmas cards occupy the mail boxes... and when ovens, fridges and pantries are packed with special meals for every member of the family.

Through the years, Christmas has gradually become more modernized and commercialized. Airline, bus and boat companies, food producers and processors, as well as product wholesalers and retailers directly benefit from the event. As we gear to celebrate with our family and friends, prepare to have a special dinner to feast on, and choose to give the best gifts to our loved ones, businesses are certainly making more money during this festive season of the year.

There’s nothing wrong with the contemporary way of celebrating Christmas, of course... but as we pack our bags to fly or sail home this Christmas, we should also join the magi in riding their camels as they journey towards the manger to celebrate the birth of the real Celebrant this Christmas. May we never fail to light and decorate our hearts with faith and hope. ...guided by the bright, shining Star may we, at all times, be ready to give love to every person we meet as we travel in this life so we could feast on everlasting peace and joy in this world!



BlogusVox said...

Nice reflection on Christmas, doc!

Sardonyx said...

Yes, you are indeed true, "give love on Christmas day" lalalala...hahaha kumanta pa no....and it's true rin na nagiging commercialize na ang Christmas. Waaa I feel homesick again when I read your post :-) and it looks like you're ready na for Christmas, you have all the decors except no christmas tree hehehe and I like the drawing of the 3 wise men. You know what I found out that in the bible it didn't say how many were the wise only mentioned 3 gifts (gold, incense and myrrh) pretty interesting huh...whatever hehehe lumalayo na ako sa comment ko LOL. Anyways, advance Merry Christmas Doc RJ!

Chyng said...

Jesus is Christmas.. So tuloy ang Pasko kung alam mo ang meaning nito.

Rejoice, He will come!

Reena said...

right. i think a lot has already forgottne the real meaning of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Let's make everyday Christmas!

Contemporary man ang pagdiriwang, nanduon pa rin naman ang diwa ng Pasko sa bawat puso ng Pinoy saan mang panig ng mundo: pagbibigayan.

Love and Jesus: let's give them out everyday.

The Pope said...

I find your post so meaningful as we enter the Advent season, let us prepare ourselves in the coming birth of Infant Jesus through fasting, atonement and forgiveness of our sins instead of busying ourselves on the commercialism of Nativity.

Like the Magi who looked for the appearing of the Messiah, let us pray to the Almighty to grant us the grace to shine as the Star of Bethlehem.

elYAS said...

i like the allusion of the magi. cooool. :D

Reymos said...

Di ko pa naaayos ang aming Xmas tree... Advance Merry Xmas!

AJ said...

in as much as i misd the christmas parties and 13th month pay in the phils...i misd being close to the celebrant too.

it is noble and just rightful to join the maggi this season.

oh u missd my camel post too :D

blsd xmas doc. homesic na naman tayo.

Fjordan Allego said...

uber lapit na ang Christmas! Merry Merry Christmas kuya RJ!!

gege said...

are you excited!!!?

Alam ko po kung pano ma-homesick,
(Manila to Laguna) lastlast year nakadorm ako malapit sa skul sa bandang sta.mesa manila.
super excited ako umuwi nung holiday season...
i bought evryONE gifts!
(miski yung tuta ng kapatid ko...)
bukod sa mas malaki allowance ko nun, feeling ko super duper dun nila mararamdaman na i miss them everyday!
but now! wala man akong gift... (dahil daily basis na ang baon ko. dito na kami sa Manila nakatira.)
i already given them everyday my best gift...

tender LOVING care.



unang bisita! at magbabalik!!!


Joanie said...

Merry Christmas RJ and thank you for always reading my blog.


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