Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Things in Life

This is the photo of my snacks during our smoko* last Friday—a jelly-cream cake. It is a downgraded trifle (less the custard, fresh fruits and the port wine flavour in the jelly). A big thanks to Roger, his 82-year old mum was the one who made it, actually.

As I sank my teeth into the sponge cake, I instantly forgot to think about the trifle because the spongy treat was very delicious and has the special taste of its own! I enjoyed it with my tea and milk.

The best things in life are, indeed, FREE! Just like this cake, it may not look great, or visually taste great at a glance but once you start to indulge yourself on it, you will eventually begin to appreciate and finally enjoy its own beauty!

I’ve listed a few things in my life that are free:
1. Housing (my caravan), water and electricity
2. Vehicle and fuel to and from work
3. Trip to Elizabeth(Thur) and Adelaide(Fri & Sun)**
Beautiful Winter Scenery in S.A.
5. Clean, fresh air
Chicken and Mushroom
7. Nice workmates
Thoughtful friend
9. Loving family
10. Calls to my 5
Yes Optus friends

I’m sure you have yours, as well. Why not start counting them?

* smoko - unofficial Australian slang word; informally means a cigarette or cigar, but it is being used as a term to describe a mid-morning/mid-afternoon break at work.
** Free lift (ride?), a compliment of my

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