Monday, July 21, 2008

SOMEBODY is Watching

Despite having a very hard day inside the chook sheds today, I’ve been staying awake until late evening tonight because I am watching the finale of Big Brother Australia—2008 on TV. I am quite sad and lonely because there's nobody here whom I can share my opinions and analysis about the show. If I am only in the Philippines right now…

I instantly remember those days when I was very devoted in watching the Philippines’ version - Pinoy Big Brother. I am well-aware that many of my ‘friends’ out there have raised their eyebrows before (or maybe until now) why I was madly hooked with the show, but I didn’t care, because I know I am getting much lessons in life out of it daily.

I’ve actually written an article about Pinoy Big Brother last October 13, 2005 but unfortunately it was not published (I submitted it to one of the Philippines’ respected daily newspaper). Anyway, I am happy that at this very moment, I have the power to share it to the world! Be careful because…

By Ruel P. Pagoto

I was proudly wearing my white T-shirt printed with Pinoy Big Brother logo when I dropped by the CD shop in the mall. Suddenly, I saw one of the salesgirls making some gestures (after she had noticed the print on my shirt) to the lady behind the cashier... They smiled and put a CD on their player... three seconds later the MTV of the now famous Pinoy Ako song eventually filled the air inside the shop.

Every shopper, who was by then very busy browsing for CD’s smiled and was delighted—as reflected on their face. All eyes were then focused on the monitors hanging on the walls of the store. While those who were just passing by the shop started to mumble the song as the MTV continue playing.

The young boy (maybe 6 years old) suddenly laid a finger on his mom’s arms and pointed to the logo on my shirt. Indeed, almost everybody in the country already knows “Kuya.” Only few were left innocent about this reality show—others are so curious and are finding ways to come across the PBB house through Big Brother’s cameras... while others have chosen to stay ignorant about this talk-of-the-town show without knowing they are missing a lot of fun, excitement and much lessons to learn.

Pinoy Big Brother is a respite after a long day work. As we laugh (or even shed tears with the housemates) it brings relief after hearing all those dreaded political, economic and environmental issues concerning the country and the whole world.

Perhaps, it is worthwhile to join Jayson and Franzen as they take life so easy amidst the pressures around... or we can accompany Sam as he strums his guitar amidst the communication barrier between him and the other housemates. Choosing to be as smart as Nene as she considers every situation as part of the game is equally admirable. It is not an issue if we wanted to be frank like Uma, or as tactless and unreasonable as Cass... Falling in love with somebody, like JB and Say is normal, while admitting our faults and making countless ways to go over and fix it, like Rico is somewhat exceptional. Of course having self-confidence, courage and determination while conquering all the hurdles along the way just to win the battle of life, are only few but inspiring values of the other PBB housemates.

Just like the PBB housemates, every task assigned to us, whether great or small, is equally significant and should not be taken for granted. It doesn’t matter if in the end we fail to accomplish it. What is more important is—we have the virtue of camaraderie and teamwork while extracting every talent, skill or ability we possess every time we work on the responsibilities entrusted to us. If every Filipino embraces the value of esprit de corps, the dream of becoming a strong republic is within stone’s throw.

Having the freedom to confess everything we think and feel is really great! It only shows that even inside the PBB house, the housemates aren’t deprived of democracy.

Nomination Night reminds us that everybody has the ability to identify and has the right to choose somebody who does not belong to the group. It reminds us that our character really matters because it determines our fate in this real world—whether we can continuously survive or be evicted right away. Perhaps the essence of self-discipline is very important if we wanted to thrive in this real game called “life.” We should start knowing our limitations so we can draw a line between our neighbor’s expectations and our attitude towards them without compromising our real personality.

We sometimes, if not often, neglect someone close to us. At times, we ignore those who love and care for us, we become insensitive to their needs, or we even disregard our feeling of affection towards them. We only come to realize they are special to us when we know they are leaving or when they are gone.

Perhaps, those tears during eviction nights will serve as reminder to us that every imperfect person has his own significance if we only exert extra efforts to discover it.

The twelve housemates were once very conscious of their languages and gestures because they were well-aware of the microphones and the cameras around them. But as days passed by their alertness had deteriorated and now they have started to act and speak naturally. We, sometimes, are offended and irritated by their actions and words so we want it to undergo proper censorship. We are very much concerned of our children because we are afraid that younger generations might be ruined by the biting realities showcased in this reality show.

Indeed, the show is very effective... it has been gradually opening our eyes and now we have seen our own reflections inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. We have discovered and are scared by the beauty and the beast within us...

Much as we want the PBB housemates to be extra careful of their actions and words because the cameras of Big Brother are monitoring them, in this real world (which is more likely the real ‘Big Brother’ house) it is worthwhile to be extra careful too... because Somebody up there is also watching us!


Ishna Probinsyana said...

Wow. Brings back the memories. Hehe. i was also so hooked with PBB. Kaya nga napasali pa ako sa forum eh. =))

Pero iba talaga yung season 1. Mas exciting. Ewan ko lang ha, pero yung mga sumunod na season, hindi na ako ganun ka-'adik'. :)

Thank for sharing, RJ! Sino nga palang bet mo nun?

RJ said...

Ang pinakaunang na-evict yun ang bet ko. Dapat kilala mo kung sino yu'n kasi fan ka ni Kuya, di ba? o",)

Nebz said...

RJ: Binalikan ko lang ang mga old posts mo and I'm surprised to find out that your a PBB fanatic! Ako kasi hindi. Xnxia na po. Paano kasi I thought PBB is encouraging Pinoy's penchance for tsismis and intrigues, especially of other peoples' lives.

Pero tama ka, in restrospect, I realized two things about PBB:
1/ Simple, true people triumph in the end (Nene, Kim Chiu and Beatriz, for example);
2/ Like in PBB, Someone watches us all the time.