Saturday, April 9, 2011


It's the 'kangaroo and the emu', the 'green and gold', the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge... and they say 'fish and chips' is almost an Australian icon.  How about the koala and the eucalyptus tree?

Koala's paw on a eucalyptus bark.  Western Australia's Caversham Wildlife Park

I am reading the Australian Citizenship Handbook for the fourth time now in preparation for the exam, and the contents of the book reminded me of this photo.

...twenty-four days more to go before I can actually get the eligibility; I wish the universe will soon grant it to me.  This ambition is very costly, I have sacrificed a lot of things in my life, I hope it's worth it! 



Anonymous said...

good luck on the exam, doc rj! australian ka na. *mixed feelings*

A-Z-3-L said...

goodluck doc!
i know it's worth it :)

Sardonyx said...

Good Luck doc RJ! You'll make it, ikaw pa! Blow out ha pag Australian ka na hehehe

Rizalenio said...

Hope that you'll make it. All the best. :)