Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Easter!

In Australia, I've noticed that during Ash Wednesday celebration Christians would start greeting each other a "Happy Easter!"  Simultaneously, shops and other similar establishments would post this greeting or would exaggeratedly showcase an array of Easter stuffs during the entire length of the Lent.

My icing injector broke when I was writing on my mocha cake- the reason why the letters don't look very good.

During the Holy Week, the long weekend or public holiday Down Under would start on Maundy Thursday and, interestingly, wouldn't simply end on Easter Sunday but until Monday which is called Easter Monday; and in Tasmania they are on a holiday until Easter Tuesday!  Australia is always very excited for Easter, the reason why as early as Holy Tuesday, my mocha cake is already Easter-inspired.

This long weekend is not for the people involved in the livestock industry, though.  We still need to attend to the needs of our animals every day.  But honeslty, I don't know if the entire long weekend of those who are on a holiday is sincerely spent with the essence of the season because I've observed that more people are visiting the coasts and campsites than the church, and it seems to me that local children would directly relate Easter Sunday with bunny and with the colourful eggs of different sizes than commemorating Christ's resurrection.

I can't help but compare how Australia and the Philippines celebrate the Lenten Season.  Being religious is, indeed, not a guarantee of being prosperous.  I am sorry.

The chocolates at Haigh's Chocolates, corner Rundle St. and King William Rd., Adelaide City, South Australia



Rizalenio said...

Last Sunday, the parade of our kababayan wearing all white with palaspas was observed. They populated the busy major roads in Manila. This made me think that our kababayan are very religious. Saw old and young people still practicing our tradition.

Joanie said...

Did you bake that cake? Looks like my favorite caramel cake from Estrel's back home. Good thing Australia has lenten holiday... here in Vietnam I hardly notice it's lenten because they don't celebrate it :)

RJ said...

yes, Philippines is a very religious country.

Yes, I baked and decorated it. It's a mocha cake.

Anonymous said...

holy week and easter also passed by as if a regular week here in penang. nonetheless, my family and i observed it on our own. tama ka doc, rj, pinas may be a religious country but that doesn't guarantee food on the plate daily.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

hi RJ, what a nice change you got here in your blog.. parang kaytagal kong di nakapasyal sa iyo.. miss ya! and the the chook-minders quill..