Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A 90-minute Getaway

FANTASTIC FIVE.  The pelicans in Gulf St. Vincent, Port Wakefield, South Australia.

The poultry farm is currently empty... and while cleaning and disinfection is being performed in preparation for the coming of the next flock, it is time for the poultry farmer to temporarily leave the farm, have a quick vacation and come back refreshed and recharged after a day or two. 
I would normally go out of town, visit another state, explore an island or window shop during the farm’s downtime but today I decided to break this costly tradition by just roaming around and discovering more about Port Wakefield. 

I have chosen Port Wakefield’s Proof and Experimental Establishment—an Australian Defence Facility that conducts weapon research and testing for the army and navy.  However, outsiders are not allowed inside, so the guard directed me to drive down the mangrove-covered coast of Gulf St. Vincent.  I've been living in Port Wakefield for almost thee years now, but it was my first time to visit the place.

BEFORE SUNSET.  The pelicans grouping themselves into three.

I was expecting to see some large-calibre guns, but I have seen pelicans, instead!  

A LOVELY ESCAPE.  The pelicans flew when I was getting closer. 

Aside from pelicans, I have also seen flocks of seagulls and many species of birds—big and small, that are yet unknown to me.  Port Wakefield is really one of Australia’s most important sites for migratory birds.  I hope this won’t serve as a threat to the health of our chooks inside the sheds. 

The entrance of the Proof and Experimental Establishment in Port Wakefield Road.



ishna said...

Ganda ng photos! =)

Lord CM said...

parang nahihilig ka sa photography ah, at paganda ng paganda ang mga kuha mo :)

Rizalenio said...

Timely - I just watched how pelicans attack their preys. Scary thoughts. Hahahaha.

Your photos are beautiful as usual, esp the first photo. The best.

bertN said...

Enjoy every break from your work. That's how you keep your sanity while building up your economic utopia.

Anonymous said...

guns vs pelicans?
glad you posted more of those lovely birds than armory. he he..

the sight was just serene.

BlogusVox said...

Ang husay munang kumuha ng photo "topic" doc.

Why are pelicans group into threes and not twos?

RJ said...

Hahah! Tama nga po! Haha, dapat 'into two', ano?

Sardonyx said...

wow nice photos and I'm glad you're coming out from your nest and unwind by going to different places ;-) miss you Doc RJ!

pamatayhomesick said...

dok rj pards ang ganda ng kuha...galing!

Chyng said...

an unexpected 90min getaway turned better! lucky you for seeing those birds! Ü

Kosa said...

Threesome? Hehehe..

Post all about birds pa naman!!

AJ said...

do we got those pelicans here? i would love to take photoshoots as well...kainggits ka naman doc, gaganda ng view nakkta mo dyan :)

Unnamed Psalmist said...

This is nice!

thanks for visiting my entry to PEBA

I also include you in my blog roll

Thanks God Bless

Anonymous said...

Habang tumatagal mas humuhusay ang photography natin a! (Kita ko rin yung two previous posts)

Reena said...

sandali, bakit wala na lahat ng alaga mo? ibig sabihin ba nun eh naging fried chicken na sila? huhu. kawawa. :(

that's a nice place to retreat to. i don't think i've seen pelicans even in the zoo.