Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sevenhill, South Australia

The photo shows the details of the outside walls of St. Aloysius Church in Sevenhill, South Australia.  The bricks were, actually, quarried just around the property back in 1864.  If you are thinking that this is just another typical church, you're wrong, because there are quite a few things that make it so unique.  So why not join me, as I trace my journey back from the poultry farm in the town of Port Wakefield to the charming village of Sevenhill in the Clare Valley Region!

Sevenhill, S.A. is around 69 kilometres from my place, and while I was driving along the former railway town named Halburry, I noticed this antique shop beside the road.  I just thought it's worth more than just a thousand words, isn't it?

I went through the town of Auburn and after a few kilometers, I was attracted to this verdant hill on the right where a flock of sheep was peacefully grazing.  I hadn't seen any shephered looking after them, though, and so I thought that we may be sharing the same loving 'shephered'.   

Not so far away from the flock of sheep, there was a herd of Angus cattle in a relatively dense pasture!  Well, I had seen the virtue of the patience in this herd; surely, these animals have trusted that in due time, the farmer will eventually take them to a greener pasture that they always desire. 

The fresh buds growing out from the wooden vine reminded me that it's springtime Down Under; and in a region where wine is the primary product, nothing's lovelier than the serenity of this landscape! 

The St. Aloysius Church humbly standing in the middle of the vineyard.  This was built by the Jesuit priests thirteen years after they arrived from Austria to escape from the political and religious prosecution that time.  The Society of Jesus started the vineyard, currently 59 hectares with 16 varieties of vines, in 1952- a year after their settlement in the village.

However, due to the lack of funding during those years, the original plan of this church was not followed.  Have you noticed the the front tower?  The steeple is missing!  As you can see from the previous photo, there's a white post standing on the front-left, that's the church bell...  Sevenhill's St. Aloysius Church has no belfry!
The tree in the photo above is a red gum, it's endemic in the area... its timber was used in the roof arches of the church.

These days, anticipated masses are held every Saturday at six in the evening.

The holy water stoup located at the left-side entrance of the church.

The underground cellar of the Society of Jesus.

The visitor centre and the cellar is...

Open daily:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays 10am-5pm

and closed during Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.

The Sevenhill major wine products- white, red and fortified sacramental wines, and a wide range of other wines.  The altar wines are distributed althroughout Australia, and some are exported to India, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. 

After the mass, I was physically hungry.  It's good because the Sevenhill Hotel- bar and restaurant is just located nearby.  

...with a very hospitable, and beautiful bar tender and cashier.

Fresh Tommy Ruff Fillets on a Bed of Rice with Bokchoy and a Thai Curry Sauce (Au$24)

...serving one of the best meals I have ever eaten!  A glass of Anne's LN Moscato completed my meal ( I didn't have my dessert), it's value was actually much, much more than its price (Au$6)!

It was only a 5-hour vacation but it was so meaningful!  And while the meal that I had is a 'must try', visiting Sevenhill's church and cellar door is a 'must do'!



Rizalenio said...

The inside of the church looks like Noah's ark. Beautiful photos.

bertN said...

"It was only a 5-hour vacation but it was so meaningful!" That's a unique way to describe a short trip! Thanks for taking us along on your trip.

bertN said...

"It was only a 5-hour vacation but it was so meaningful!" That's a unique way to describe a short trip! Thanks for taking us along on your trip.

Chyng said...

and I'll make sure i'll contact you when I finally be able to visit australia. ;)

duboy said...

wow noce shots doc, parang nag iiba na yata career natin ah, galing ng mga angles! pati kulay.

anyway you might be wondering kung sino ako. si chico to. im back and alive with a new blogsite. as usual buhay ofw pa din ang mga subjects.

nice to know na permanent resident ka na jan. kami dito sa dubai. isang kahig, isang tuka pa rin.

pls link me to your blog heres my new add: mejo underconstruction pa rin to especially yung mga back posts. making a lot of catching up.

anyway yngats palagi and lets blogg again!

Anonymous said...

ang galing ng mga photos! sya nga pala, papunta na dyan ang mga parents ko sa January, sana ako rin :)

pano ba yan di naman ako madalas sa Toronto so di ka na rin madalas sa blog ko? lol!

Anonymous said...

that church is so beautiful!
take us to more sights in australia, doc rj. =)