Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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A year has passed... and another year has been added to my period of existence in this beautiful world. I am getting older, and after a year, my age could no longer be found in any of the longest calendar month. But honestly, I feel like I’m only on my twenty-fifth.

I do always think that I am younger than my actual age, and I hope that my looks would always do the same. A couple of years ago, a Caucasian acquaintance was surprised when she realized that I am 10 years older than what she had previously thought! While a month ago, a 15-year old Australian bloke working in hardware shop believed that I was only nineteen. I don’t know, of course, if they were lying. I hope they didn’t...

But ageing doesn’t bother me. I may not be earning a lot, but I am sure that day by day I am discovering and learning a lot from this lovely world!

I haven’t been to many places across the globe, but, somehow, I have started to bloom in this humble place where I have been planted; and looking forward to bear many fruits in the later years.

I am not globally renowned like many other guys of my age (eg. Manny Pacquiao) but I am luckily bestowed with scientific knowledge and fortunately blessed with the necessary skills to understand the 'animal world'—a true usefulness in helping creatures that cannot help themselves.

My bank account is unbelievably close to nothing, yet I am sure that every person that I love the most has been whole-heartedly taken care of.

I am still single, but, definitely, not loveless. I have loved, and will continue to love all those who have genuinely given their love to me, as well as those who have brought out all the best in me.

I will never reveal my birthday wish in this page until that wish is being granted. ...but a sound mind and a strong physique, as well as a long life are all I need so I can continue to serve, and fulfil my mission in this world.



The Gasoline Dude said...

Ayoko sanang pag-usapan ang edad kasi ilang months na lang eh mag-trenta na ko. Ampf.

Haberdey sa 'yo! :)

Abou said...

so pano, happy bithday na lang...


animus said...

hi chookminder! belated happy birthday (aug 26)!
hope your wish will be granted soon, para mabasa na namin ito. :-)

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday, doc rj!
...i strongly agree with what you mentioned in this post.
may God bless you more in order for you to continue to be a blessing to others. All the best! =)
....matanda ako sa yo ng 3 taon. =)

Anonymous said...

...ako i only feel i'm 28. LOL!

Reena said...

happy birthday! same here. people always mistake me for a college student! hahaha...

ano handa doc? share naman! :)

may you have many more blessings to come. :)

Kosa said...

Happy Birthday doc!

napakaHumble naman...
alam ko ang wish na yan doc! at alam ko din, magagrant yan sooooon.

kadalasan talaga kumpara sa mga caucasian, masbatang tignan ang mga poging asian. hehe

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bertN said...

Happy birthday!

arlini said...

happy birthday! your forever young at heart.

Anonymous said...

natawa ako sa comment ni gasul. lolz. ano ka ba kuya, okay lang yan. there is nothing permanent in this world except change. atsaka, as long as we are learning in what we do everyday, its self fulfilling di ba. okay lang na dumagdag ang edad basta my nadagdag din na karunungan. =D
alam ko nasa pinas ka ngayon, enjoy ka lang sa bakasyon mo.. hehehe ;)
happy birthday ulit!