Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finding the cure

Nanay is sick.

She had her goiter removed last August; a thyroid sample was taken for biopsy and it revealed a follicular papillary thyroid carcinoma or simply (complicatedly)—thyroid cancer.

I went home twenty-four days ago to attend Nanay’s Testimonial Program and Party—a tribute given to her by the Central M’lang District for her services and achievement as a public school teacher for 38 years. It was a remarkable event; it actually exceeded my expectations. Modesty aside, the eulogy that I gave was, I think, one of the highlights of the programme.

But three days after the testimonial party, the endocrinologist-surgeon advised Nanay to submit herself into a radioactive iodine therapy. She agreed, underwent a strict non-iodine/no salt diet for seven days...

...and three hours before my flight from Manila back to Sydney she was admitted to the hospital, was then isolated and dosed with a small, but (hopefully a) very powerful radioactive iodine capsule. Nobody was allowed to come and see her for four days because the ‘radioisotope of iodine’ that she had taken was very potent and hazardous to every individual! When Nanay was discharged from the hospital, she was separately transported back home, and has been isolated in her specially-made payag* for five days now. Luckily, my younger brother and our youngest sister were there to assist her, and to provide what she needs.

Nanay’s entire body was thoroughly scanned in the hospital yesterday. Whether it was done to detect the cancer cells or radioactive material left in her body is the thing that I don’t know. I have decided to stay innocent of all the complex things the medical doctors had, have been and will be doing to my mom because I have chosen to trust them, and most especially, I have ultimately trusted the divine power to heal my sick mother.

I had phoned and spoke to my mom a couple of hours ago. Nanay told me that she has been feeling drained and weary for the past few days. She has also lost her appetite, but forcing herself to devour some mangosteen and guyabano... believing that the therapeutic power of these fruits comes next to Heavenly Power.

Nanay is scheduled to see her doctor three weeks later. I am sure that the result of the radiation therapy and scanning will be discussed. I couldn’t put my thoughts into words, nor could I clearly explain my feelings...

If iodine-131 could only alleviate my prevailing anxieties, I am willing to undergo this radiation therapy to get treated.

*payag is a Hiligaynon term for a nipa hut.



bertN said...

I hope your Nanay lick the big C.

YanaH said...

will be praying for your mom doc rj!

god bless

BlogusVox said...

I can relate to your feelings. My mom underwent chemo therapy for her cancer. It was exhausting emotionally for us all but it gave her 10 more happy years.

I hope everything will be okay for your mom, doc.

animus said...

dear chookminder,
i'll be praying na sana gumaling na si Nanay mo.
be strong and keep the faith in Him.

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

im sorry, but i cried. When you mention about the words like nanay, cancer, payag, it reminds me of my mom. The good and loving son in you tells me you must be terribly feeling sad and worried boarding the plane but you have to leave home and nanay, for her and for your future. This another 'toto' here is praying your Mom will be blessed and will be touched by the healing power both of science advancement and God's grace.

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

its nice to be back using my small phone, here, and will be coming for more. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

sana everything will goes back to normal kuya.

Anonymous said...

I hope she will be okay. I believe she will be.