Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Political 'Affairs'

I really would like to submit myself into an elective surgery; I wanted my occipitofrontalis muscle be severed so I could stop raising my eyebrows!

There's something about the modern Philippine politics that I simply hate the most- when leaders of various religious organizations deliberately choose to appear old-fashioned by entertaining the ‘serenade’ and ‘go dating’ with the national electoral candidates. Or shall I put it this way: ...when these candidates are desperately doing a ‘serenade’ and going out with these ministers for a ‘date’.

I, obviously, don’t know if who among them is enjoying this kind of affair, the electoral candidate who ran after the religious minister or the minister being persuaded by the soon-to-be a national leader.

...just can’t believe that gaining and giving a support for one's candidacy is as difficult and embarrassing as that. For me, yes. But perhaps, for these candidates who desire to earn millions of votes in the much-awaited May 2010 election, courting an influential religious leader may be much easier than visiting every household in the 41,995 barangays throughout the Philippines.

This type of political campaign is undoubtedly like courting an intended spouse amidst a number of equally competent rivals! And with these preachers openly saying to reveal their decisions, if to whom they are giving their support, in the next or after a couple of month, it would surely drive the ‘dandies’ to intensify their flattery so they could savour the heavenly flavour/favour they’re craving for—the powerful votes.

Courtship is an art; I believe nobody would dare to disagree. Undeniably, special gifts such as stuffed toys, delicious chocolates, expensive flowers, as well as sugar-coated words are all part of the craft. The finest presents and the most excellent promises that could gratify these ministers, of course their suitors know best.

I am not questioning the religious leaders’ ability to assess a potential and to choose a good candidate to vote, nor am I taking away their right of suffrage. With their credibility, well...

It seems that I am going too far, far away from what I wanted to point out in this post- that when somebody decides whom to vote there are only two possible outcomes—a right choice or a wrong choice. And in the case of these great and most ‘sought after’ religious ministers, millions of votes are at stake! Of course I haven’t forgotten that the Holy Spirit is ____ there to guide them, hopefully at all times and NOT just always.

The question on why the followers of these religious organizations behave like water buffaloes with a nose-string is another lengthy story.

Now back to dating and courtship... I know you know what’s next—engagement and marriage. In the Philippine political affairs, I am giving all the benefits of the doubt regarding ‘engagements after the election’.



Chyng said...

And just now, there's a proposal. Any actor who will endorse a candidate is also banned to be seen in tv.

Surely, wala ng mag-eendorse next election! Ü

Maus said...

thanks doc happy valentines din po kahit late hehe
kya nga hitech na now...

SLY said...

nakakadismaya talaga pagpulitika na ang pinag-uusapan sa ating bansa.. nakakainit ng ulo! Grrrrr!

wag ka mag-alala doc, di ako galit sayo. hehehe

mightydacz said...

absolutely so true doc i dont like this kind of strategy that some of our politicians are doing very disappointing.

BlogusVox said...

Wala yan! Si Villar at Loren, nandoon sa HongKong tinitiis ang ulan at nakiwagayway ng puting panyo. Alam kaya nila kung bakit winawagayway yun?

At mabuti pa si Quiboloy nakaka-usap ang God. Talo nya pa ang Santo Papa na ni bulong walang naririnig. >: D

The Gasoline Dude said...

I don't really see anything wrong with candidates 'wooing' religious leaders to endorse them. Same with the latter endorsing a particular candidate.

It's all up to the voters. So we must vote wisely. :)

RJ said...

Paano na si Jamby Madrigal? Noong unang tumakbo 'yan ang nag-endorse ay si Judy Ann.



Buti naman, akala ko talaga galit ka sa akin. U

Nawalan kaagad ako ng ganang manoon ng TV Patrol World noong nakaraang gabi nang nakita ko ang tungkol dito.

D'yan ako hanga sa inyo! You can name names!

Natawa ako sa nasagap niyo tungkol kay Quiboloy, ngayon ko lang narinig 'yan. Baka naman nu'ng sinabi niya 'yan , hindi literal, uhmn... figures of speech ba. Siya rin 'ata ang nagsabi noong papatapos na ang taong 1999 na sa new year ay darating na si Jesus kaya dinala niya ang mga taga-sunod niya sa bundok. 'Di ko ma-imagine ang reaction niya at ng kanyang mga followers nu'ng nalaman nilang hindi nangyari ang kanilang inaasahan.

Then I am hoping that the followers of these religious ministers will vote wisely.

rdaconcepts said...

as i observed, tanging INC lamang ang nakagagawa ng solid voting among the other sects. e nasa boboto lang naman talaga yan. pero ako, alanganin ang pagpili ko kina Gibo, Gordon at Perlas. Kasi wala ka namang pagpipilian ngayon.

RJ said...

Si Noynoy Aquino pala, Rej, 'di mo kinu-consider?!

Hilda said...

Haaaaay… Uwi ka para marinig ang lahat kong daing. I don't want to write an essay about Philippine politics. Let's just say that whenever I think about it or we (husband, friends) talk about it, I always end up wanting to give up and emigrate. :(

rdaconcepts said...

ayaw ko kay noynoy. ewan ko kung bakit?

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

yahooooooooooo malapit na ang halalan..marami na ang nangangampanya..mga pangangampanya na kapag nahalal na ay babalewalain na ang mga sinabi..hehe..

RJ said...

Whew! This is one of the reasons why I wanted to go to other countries before. Para makahinga ng kaunti, breathe some fresh air kasi parang ma-suffocate ako sa mga news sa Pilipinas.

Good your blog 'My Manila' features good and great things about the capital of our country. It's an excellent diversion.

Siguro dahil ayaw mo kasi kay Krissy? o",)

Good point! 'Yan ang nakalimutan kong isulat sa post kong 'to- ang mga matatamis na pangakong napako.

Yellow Bells said...

off the topic comment muna ako, congratz sa bagong layout. very neat and clean.

RJ said...

Ang bagong header ko ay gawa ni Rejie ng RDA Concepts. o",) Pogi ng header, ano? U

lucas said...

i hope the people is smart enough to choose people who are right for the job, not just because their religious leaders told them to do so...

i'm an evangelical christian, and i'm not gonna vote bro. eddie. Hehe!

The Pope said...

Until now, i haven't made up my mind on my ideal candidate, it's difficult to choose, it makes me sad realizing that each one doesn't have a strong political platform and solutions on the current issues and despite of this they are busy on bickering and mud slinging.

Now they are courting religious leaders, mabuti na lang nandito ako sa blogsphere ngaun hahahaha.

RJ said...

It takes a little courage to say (write) what you've said (written)! So sino ang iboboto mo, Ron, si Noynoy A.?

Oo nga ano?! Hahahah! U
Malay natin ilang araw pa, kayo na namang The Pope ang susuyuin nila.

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Kaya nga naman malakas talaga ang reason para manalo si Gibo though mahina siya sa survey kasi mas marami silang sakop ma municipalities... at syempre down to Baranggays 'yan!

Anonymous said...

I'm back, RJ. Thank you for your prayers.

Ditto. Nothing we can do about that. We can only hate them for being blind followers of faith.

God Himself has given us a freedom of choice; why wouldn't religious leaders do the same?

RJ said...

Naku, ayaw ko pa namang manalo siya. Sino ang iboboto mo, Richard?

Wow! Welcome back, matulog po kayo ng maaga, mukhang na miss niyo ang blogosphere, gabi na blog hopping pa kayo. o",0

Freedom of Choice, i like your point. U

Reymos said...

10 Presidential canditates, 8 for VP, 61 for Senators and 187 Party List - a very long list! Good luck to them and good luck to all the voters.