Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Heart of the World

The City Cross
Rundle Mall, Adelaide City, S.A.

Eight days from now, the world will be filled with countless heart-shaped sketches and objects... will be painted with exaggerated red colours... will be covered with legions of rose buds and petals... and will be sweetened with tons of confectioneries...

...but I haven’t written my article about love, yet! I couldn't find ways to gather the exact letters and words to highlight the upcoming celebration. Honestly, I have started to fear that I don’t have a heart inside my chest; I may have one but possibly, it’s just a hollow muscular organ that rhythmically contracts to pump blood to my body.

I don’t mean to write another gloomy post this time so please stop wrinkling the skin on your forehead and start feeling the beat your heart. Is it beating?

Now, kindly take a look at the world news headlines I’ve got from Yahoo while I was writing this post (05Feb.2010, 10:50pm):

Jesus’ message is very short and clear, “Love one another...*” And I believe Mohammed has said so.

*John 13:34



Anonymous said...

Amen, doc rj!
para ko tuloy gustong kumanata ng..
"what the world needs now, is LOVE sweet LOVE"...
for me, it's the greatest blessing one can share to others regardless of race, color, religion.

animus said...

can't help but to check my heart after reading your post, glad it's still beating! lol. :-)

'we can make a difference in this world, only if we believe in God.'-today's homily in the 7:15am mass @ st mary's church dubai.

SLY said...

karumal-dumal na mga balita yan doc ah. kawawa 'yung mga inosenteng nadadamay.

sana ma-realize nilang hindi sa pamamaraan ng dahas makakamtan ang kanilang prinsipyong ipinaglalaban. pwede naman itong pag-usapan...puso sa puso.

Sardonyx said...

Wow simple but full of meaning post....that's why I don't read news....I read love notes hehehe (joke)....don't remind me of that day....malulungkot lang ako niyan. So we should be happy and find ways to be in love and be loved ;-) and I hope not only Valentine's Day should we celebrate "love" it should always be "everyday" ;-)

Kosa said...

Hindi ko rin alam kung anung sasabihin ko sa mga pangyayaring 'to.

siguro darating din yung oras na magiging masaya ang lahat and we will live happilly ever after!

bertN said...

The news headlines you listed said the world or part of it isn't listening to Jesus' message.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

dearest RJ, you made me remember the bomb explosion in makati on valentines day during one of our Phil vacations wayback years ago.. scaryy.. hope people can just convene to love each other than kill one another.

BlogusVox said...

Ayaw nya raw ng "gloomy" pero puro kahindik-hindik naman ang nili-link.

Sabi ng manligaw ka! Kung wala kang makita dyan sa Au, maraming magagandang single bloggers. Kung nahihiya ka, sabihin mo lang at ipakikilala kita.

Chyng said...

now where is the love no?

happy ♥ day to you!

Anonymous said...

Actually Ed, I was going to say the same thing: Did you, RJ, think that this post is an upper? Hehe.

Pero medyo napangiti naman ako, RJ. Naramdaman ko kc na pigil ang pagkagloomy mo.

Think of it this way: Somewhere, someone will be thinking of you this Valentine's Day. Hoping na tawagan mo sya o kaya'y batiin man lamang kahit sa YM o Facebook kaya.

I'm certain that somewhere in this blogosphere, someone is secretly hoping to be the future Mrs Pagoto.

Ang sabi nga: All you have to do is ask and you shall be answered.

Happy Valentine RJ!


My eyes are sore...... It's red everywhere.....

After Valentines, Easter na naman... we're just living in a cycle. Kung ako ang magiging UN president, I'll transfer the hols to different dates every year just to confuse people. LOL!