Friday, August 22, 2008

Personae Non-grata

(A Love Story of a Poultry Farm Worker)

HER NAME is Stephanie. She’s only 23, and still in the uni taking up Biology. She’s already a mommy, but doesn’t have a hubby. She’s blonde and chubby. She’s my love—my one and only!

Our love story is quite complex. The rules are plenty—like a codex, all set by her family! They don’t like me. All I want from her is s_x, they reckon. But they are wrong, because my heart is beating so strong. I have promised to love her ‘til the cows come home! [To avoid confusion, I want to make a clarification: I didn’t sire her son, it was her ex.]

I am not welcome in their house in Gawler. I am not allowed to come, or even see her!

Is it because I am a foreigner in this Land Down Under? Or is it because I am just a poor chook-minder?

Five days a week she’s in town, living in a uni student quarter. So, there’s no reason for me to frown, there’s no need to slow down. I have regularly headed downtown to hug and kiss my beloved princess!

Eyes and tongues are everywhere, however. Our escapades didn’t last longer because her family is so queer to discover everything we did this winter!

THE NIGHT WAS DARK. The temperature was freezing, and the wind was wheezing! As the coals were burning, she’s preparing our dinner that chilly evening. There’s somebody on the door, knocking and yelling! I moved towards the door to see who’s coming... It was her mum and her elder brother, with her uncle and her cousin!

Without a word, they hit and beat me! I couldn’t fight, the battle isn’t tight! She cried and pleaded but she was neglected! The physical attack continued and the emotional assault was then pursued! I had helplessly faced the right and left fists; and had been relentlessly awarded with up and down kicks! I was brutally kneaded until I bled!

I was so lucky to find a chance to break free, but unfortunately, bruised, wounded and bloody! I ran so fast like an Olympian, I’ve left my outmoded Nissan. Without my Skyline—the only asset of mine, I hopped like a kangaroo, and flew like a cockatoo!

INSIDE MY CARAVAN, I’ve just got out of my bed. I am still sick and very weak... While here I am writing, she is there still sleeping. She left her family and has chosen me... Her future is at stake, all for our love’s sake!

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