Sunday, August 3, 2008

One World, One Dream

I do not want to lose.
I am afraid to fail.
So I never did choose
to study Law in Yale.

I am not into sports,
to exert my efforts.
'coz I cannot apprehend,
without a GOLD at the end!

Is this lady I love the most,
can give me the true love utmost?
While in doubt I will not marry,
than to suffer in Calvary.

I am used to be a winner,
in every field of endeavour.
I wanted to be a victor,
in all my goals in the future!

I am always extra careful
to shoot every ball in the goal!
But life is fair as it always be-
a spell of gloom and a span of glee!
Life is a game, to win is my aim!
GOLD is my dream, my top prior'ty.
Yet with silver I shall be ready
as with the bronze I shall be happy!

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