Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've turned 29 today! There's a sign to shine, still fine at twenty-nine!

(there's more about this soon!)


Twenty-nine Years

(as promised above) 27/08/2008

I’ve known my parents who have guided me through the years.
I’ve known my siblings who are always the reason of my laughter and tears.
I’ve known my grannies, my uncles and aunties who have given all their cheers!
I’ve known my cousins who were once my playmates and now my ‘Cavaliers!’

I’ve met my mentors who are clever on the subject matter
and on the moral of real life.
I’ve met my classmates who revealed the realism of individual differences and strife.
I’ve met my friends who showed the importance of camaraderie, and the value of genuine service.
I’ve met plenty of enemies who challenged my patience and had tested my forgiveness.

I’ve encountered various bosses who believed in my ability and had commended my job.
I’ve encountered some subordinates who ignored my authority and had rejected my views.
I’ve encountered workmates who tried to put me down and had driven me to sob.
I’ve encountered co-employees who have been very supportive and exceptionally virtuous!

I’ve been to different places that are just once in my dream!
I’ve eaten a range of cuisine from the modest relish to the deliciously supreme!
I’ve read the greatest books and have seen the best movies.
I’ve endured the humblest lifestyle and have enjoyed the world of techies!

Twenty-nine years seem so long for my body and mind to grow strong.
Twenty-nine years is so short to send out love and extend support.
Twenty-nine years of learning means lifelong years of sharing!
Twenty-nine years persevering, twenty-nine years of believing—
Means many more years of achieving!

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Federic N. Aujero said...

Shinny nga hahaha. Happy b-day Weng, nalipat ko ba. Mukhang ang sarap ng lechon manok mo ah, galeng pa yta yan sa shed, hehehe. I hope may tanglad kag ugbos sang sambag tyan sina. :)