Saturday, June 7, 2008

Selection and Culling

I have no other choice. Even if it hurts, I really need to do it. The procedure is practically easy, but emotionally difficult. Simply catch the poor performing bird and twist its neck to dislocate the atlanto-occipital joint. Krrrk! Dead! Sorry, but this is the most practical and acceptable method of euthanizing birds.

In an intensive chicken farming, poor performing birds in the flock do not belong to the group. This means that those who are too small and skinny, weak and sick, as well as those who are suffering from physical defects or injury and those who are devoid of feathers need to be culled. Otherwise, they will just occupy the space and eat the feed of the healthy birds which could damage the highly competitive environment and eventually, would surely affect the profit of the farming business.

Being rejected is, at all times, very painful! Not only in animals, but also (and especially) in humans. This normally happens in school and in our workplace. In chickens it may be acceptable to do it but in our society, selection and culling is expected to be done morally and legally. People who are big and powerful, healthy and strong as well as those who are physically unblemished would usually take advantage to those who are inferior.

This is a good lesson to all of us. Just like the chook shed, this world has been given to us whole and complete. The ideal environment, nutritious feed, and potable water are all provided, so how we position ourselves in the society solely lies upon us. Gifted with intellect and free will, we have the freedom and the right to decide for ourselves, whether we chose to become small, weak and crook ** or to become big, strong and healthy.

crook**- noun [Aust & NZ slang] unwell, injured

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