Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Luck

I seldom use mirrors. I don’t know but I really don’t bother much of how I look or how I appear to others. As long as I comb my hair (using my fingers), brush my teeth, clean my nostrils, and remove the dried tears off (the medial canthus of) my eyes I am fine!

Actually, since July 2001, I only have this 2 x 3 inches-wide mirror, which my Aunt had given me just before I left my hometown to explore the very challenging world of employment.

Mirror creates an image which is always reversed or opposite. Remember the story of Snow White where there’s a Queen who, upon beholding herself on her mirror on the wall, believed that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but actually, she was one of the women who had the worst attitude in the fairy tales. Look at the words ‘ambulance’ and ‘fire’ on those emergency vehicles, they are always written in a reversed manner just to create a real word image if seen on the mirrors.

I remember when I was still in the uni, our Zoology professor asked us to examine the small letter E under the compound microscope. Alas! ‘e’ appeared to be inverted!

I am even afraid to hold mirrors. There is a superstitious belief of seven years bad luck to anyone who shatters a mirror! Remember the 2004 movie
Feng Shui by Chito S. Ronio? It’s all about the bagua—a Chinese decoration made of an octagonal mirror that had brought bad luck to the family after they’ve displayed it in front of their house.

At around 6000 BC mirrors, made of a volcanic glass, were first noted in Anatolia (now Turkey). Through the years, mirrors have proven its worth. It has various uses since the ancient times until the discovery of telescope, television, cameras, etc.

Mirrors are, indeed, very useful, from the aspects of grooming to the complex world of Science and Arts. Despite its importance, I’m still hesitant to use it (I am lucky; a chook-minder doesn’t need to use a mirror at work). Just like this afternoon when I took the South Australia practical driving exam, the examiner told me that I had never used my rear-view mirrors seven times when I am supposedly needed to use it.

But thanks God, I passed the
VORT, I now have my S.A. Driver’s Licence! I just don’t know... Yes, I have overlooked my rear-view mirror for seven times, but it might not be very critical to make my test unsuccessful; or it is just the sign of a real good omen for me today.

Okay, for my own safety will now use my mirrors.

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Nebz said...

I don't know why but when I was younger, I thought there's another world at the back of a mirror. Hanggang ngayon, everytime I view my world in a mirror (like holding a mirror and seeing my sorroundings with it), iba ang tingin ko...parang mas maganda sya.

Weird ko no?