Sunday, June 8, 2008


It’s my second day off this winter. Whew! At last, after 6 consecutive, tiresome working days, it’s now time to unwind. One day out of the chook shed is, admittedly, not enough but I always make sure it’s a very special day.

Since I reside in Port Wakefield, visiting the St. Vincent de Paul Church, washing the laundry and seeing the S.A. cellar doors or jetties are the few things that have been included on my list every Sunday.

Today, I have set a different plan. I already did my laundry yesterday so I can have extra time to prepare for my trip to the
Haigh’s Chocolate Factory/Visitor’s Centre and Hahndorf.

It’s so sad, however, because as I woke up this morning, it was so dark. When I looked through my window, the clouds were heavy, and instantly it drizzled. It may be because of excitement that I missed to check the weather forecast from the internet last night, or it might be the physical fatigue as a chook-minder that made me forget about the Queen’s Birthday tomorrow. Tourist’s attractions and coach’s operations are being modified during Sundays preceding Public Holiday Monday (sorry, but that’s how the locals say it here, again, Public Holiday Monday).

The two factors mentioned above were enough reasons to cancel my trip, so I decided to spend the day inside my caravan (which I’ll feature soon). The usual day-to-day routine after work like cooking Filipino dishes (I did inihaw na liempo today, courtesy of
Wyatt’s Kitchen), browsing the internet, reading the S.A. driving handbook and strumming my guitar followed then.

The sky had signalled a heavy downpour at around 3pm which eventually reminded me of my wet laundries that were still hanging on the line. [Since I haven’t taken a photo of an Australian laundry line, please check
this.] My working clothes for the week are still wet!

I immediately ran and took off my clothes from the laundry line. At last, the laundry airer I bought from
Big W 3 weeks ago could finally prove its worth! When I finished laying all my working clothes on the rack, I was so surprised to see the beautiful blending of colours in front of me!

What I have seen may NOT be as colourful and attractive as to what anybody else can see. But for me it is! I thought my day off will be as gloomy and rainy as our weather today, but He is always good. He, really, has His own special way of making every single day a very ‘colourful day' (for everyone of us)!

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