Saturday, May 10, 2008

Genuine Love

They were only a day old when they arrived here in the farm. We house them in a shed that costs more than a hundred thousand dollars, with straw beddings that cost a hundred and twenty dollars per bale. They are being brooded in a computerized, environmentally-controlled room—the temperature, air flow and humidity has been closely monitored and modified from time to time to suit their living requirement. There is a lighting program to provide enough brightness even in the middle of the night so they can eat and drink if they want. Their feed is a mixture of special grains and is very nutritious, formulated by the best animal nutritionists of the country. We make sure that their drinking water is always available, potable and uncontaminated.

They have the comfort of modern facility, the skilful handlers and the special husbandry but still some of them have stunted growth, others are weak and a few dies. Sometimes I would think that our management practices might not be enough, and the computerized controls are not always perfect, of course.

Despite their luxurious lifestyle, I don't and will never envy them. They had been artificially hatched from the machines and were immediately taken to the farm. They haven’t even seen their dams; they are being deprived of the genuine brood of a real hen!

I am very lucky and thankful because I have been experiencing the love and care of my mother! Happy Mother’s Day (to all the mothers out there)!

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