Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Lessons

Starved, dehydrated, chilled and died!

I am always in trouble of those chicks that are getting out of the brooding area. I come to think that our brooding boards and fences may not be perfect to keep these little birds inside the heated space. I really couldn’t understand why these little yellow creatures would choose to escape from the comfortable environment and the abundant fodder inside.

I am greatly concerned about these chicks. Even if it means longer working hours for me (we don’t have overtime pay, but the fixed rate here is better than my previous job), I would still devote my time chasing after them so I can catch and take them back to the artificial brooding room.

But the next day they’re out again! Some chicks would still choose to be out and be free! They seem to be very curious about the things outside, that they prefer to stick to their own judgement and follow their own will.

Unfortunately their judgement and will are always mischievous, and the result? These hard-headed chicks would often get starved, dehydrated, chilled and were eventually discovered dead.
For rational beings, like us, who are gifted with intellect and free will, it is not good to follow them.

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