Thursday, May 22, 2008

Black and White

Not all of them are white. Some of them are black and some are grey.

These coloured chicks were considered as ‘freebies’—they arrived on the same day as these white birds here, and were not included in the count, they were called extras, and were given free by the hatchery. My workmate said that these ‘black chicks’ have been noted of being weak and poor growers, they usually die before the catch (harvest).

Unexpectedly, they remain healthy and alive just like these white birds! They grow well in their opulent shed. They should, I reckon, because they've been given the same attention, the same beddings, the same feed and the same drinking water.

I admire the relationship of these chicks. In their small, contained world, they’ve managed to live in harmony with each other despite the difference of their colour and (possibly their) race. I believe their ‘kinship’ and special affinity with each other are their secrets of staying happy and healthy throughout their entire life.
They will only live for 52 days or even less, yet their short life span doesn’t just happen to give us meat. These sensible creatures also exist to show the world the importance of loving one another.

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