Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Hour at the Museum

While waiting for my 4pm appointment with the tax agent today, I decided to visit the Art Gallery of South Australia in North Terrace, Adelaide City immediately after lunch.  At the entrance, the receptionist told me that I need to leave my backpack at the baggage deposit area.

When the baggage personnel handed me the numbered card, I asked him if I can take my camera with me inside the gallery, he said, "Yes."   So I did.

Then I explored the entire building for nearly two hours but never bothered to take my camera out of my waist-bag to take photos.  When I was moving out of the Elders Wing, I noticed a group of tourists in the James and Diana Ramsay Gallery that had just started their guided tour.   The scene in the said gallery (that houses the paintings during the Renaissance, particularly in the 17th century) was so theatrical- a typical picture of a museum tour so I thought it was a good opportunity to take a candid photograph...  and this is what I got:

James and Diana Ramsay Gallery, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, S.A.
I forgot the title of these masterpieces except the second painting from the left, it's entitled 'The Crucifixion of St. Andrew' (by an Italian painter).  I can't recall the name of the artists as well, huh! Next time I will take my pen and notebook with me. 

Moments later, the curator came and told me, "Hey!  Taking photos is not allowed inside the gallery."  Then he went away.

I was intimidated, I was lost for words!  I immediately left the gallery and retrieved my backpack and exited the hall, of course with the saved photo in the memory card of my camera.

To the Art Gallery of South Australia, I am very sorry.  I have learned my lesson: When camera is allowed inside the museum, it doesn't mean taking photos is permitted.

Entry Fee:
Opening Times:
Mon - Fri: 10am to 5pm
Sat: 10am to 5pm
Sun: 10am to 5pm
Public Holiday: 10am to 5pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Good Friday: 10am to 5pm
The facade of the Art Gallery of South Australia, photo taken 08 February 2008.



Sardonyx said...

I would feel upset if they said that to me too, kakainis naman yun camera is allowed but you can't use it? Kaya ako di masyadong pumupunta sa museum kasi hindi pwede camera e, so wala akong souvenir to post sa blog ko hehehe, but you're still lucky though you got the picture and shared that to us ;-)

BlogusVox said...

"Cameras are allowed inside but taking photos are not permitted"

That's what I call a stupid policy. If they don't want their paintings photograph then they should not allow cameras inside.

Getting "culturally rinsed" is a good idea of spending excess time, doc.

AJ said...

thats OK doc. at least u stil got a cool souvenir. pero ung bawal naman daw bawal lang pag nahuli, kaya next time, pasimple lang =)

Joanie said...

I noticed the art gallery facade in Australia are alike. This is similar to New South Wales facade :)

bertN said...

In most of the museums I have been to,flashless photography is allowed.

There are places where photography is not permitted but cameras are allowed to be brought in. I loosely interpret that as: I can take pics as long as they don't see me in action LOL.

pamatayhomesick said...

naranasan ko rin yan sa pinas, kumukuha ako ng photo sa isang panggobyernong building, art exhibit yun pero pinalabas ako... sabi ko nun, sa susunod mag lalagay ako ng painting ko dito..

mahusay to dok rj..

Rizalenio said...

This post reminds me of our two great artists based there in Australia - Edd Aragon and Ms. Cummings.

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Nice naman... Fild trip... Haha!

Nagbabalik na muli ako Kuya RJ! :)

Yellow Bells said...

we were at the Al Ain National Museum last week and I took photos to the max walang nagbabawal di rin sinabi na bawal kumuha ng photo which is really great, my fave was the armor of the 18th century will show it in my next post soon