Monday, January 16, 2012

"No Worries!"

"'No worries' is a popular Australian response akin to 'no problems', 'that's OK' or 'sure thing'." 

An Australian pensioner fishing at Wallaroo jetty, South Australia.

Australian males' life expectancy is 78.7 years (source: here), while Filipino males' average life span is only 68.72 years (source: here).  Aussies may possibly have lesser economic worries as compared to Pinoys (I believe worrying is not good for our health), and health care is much better Down Under than in The Archipelago.

I believe that life span is also closely related to diet, but I, honestly, am not sure if there's really a big difference between eating mashed or fried potatoes and steamed or fried rice; or even the difference between drinking grape wines and coconut wines.

Oh, I have another worry...  How about the life span of those who were born as Filipinos and eventually have become Australian citizens?    



BlogusVox said...

Okay 'to ah. Since the Japanese have the longest life expectancy, mag japayuki na lang tayo. : D

bertN said...

Worry no more, just add the two life spans and divide it by 2 LOL.

Joanie said...

I didn't realize Aussies life span will be longer than Pinoys. But I have no doubt... It's about how you worry and get stressed with life. Pinoys live with a lot of worries and a fast-paced life while down under it's more on recreation, relaxation and giving value on how to live life like the one shown in your photo.

Hence, Italians life span is most likely will not go below 80. There are so many old people here who are very very old and yet very fashionable :P It's because how they live their lives, taking it easy and with the food that they eat. I wish was an Italian! Then again I wish I can still migrate to OZ...sigh

Ciao ciao Ruel :D Nice post :D