Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rudolph and Rundle...

I took this photo at the fountain in front of the Adelaide Arcade in Rundle Mall, Adelaide City.

One of the many buskers in Rundle Mall.  This live statue was wearing a raincoat to protect himself from the splashes of the Victorian era fountain beside him.   

"Uniquely Rundle Mall" as what its slogan says... by closing the Rundle St. to traffic between King William and Pulteney streets, this mall was opened in September 1976 as the first pedestrian mall in Australia.  In short, it's a street turned into a mall!

Just like other malls, Rundle Mall isn't only for shopping but for dining and entertainment, as well.  This commercial complex is also a venue for photography, street protests, sports team's celebrations and parades, fraternal organizational initiations (eg. men and women giving free hugs) and busking.

The choir singing Christmas carols...

A Chinese backpacker busking beside one of the mall's landmarks- the Mall's Balls. 
Now, can you blame me if Rundle Mall is my favourite hang out in town?



Anonymous said...

beautiful scenes; fascinating mall, indeed!
i like all the photos here, doc rj!

Sardonyx said...

It looks like it's really a nice place to hang out, and you have borders too ;-P nice shots doc RJ

RJ said...

thanks po! Merry Christmas sa inyo nina Gabby and Ms Tina!

Maraming salamat sa palaging pagdalaw, ako po kasi kulang sa time mamasyal. Parang magandang New Year's Resolution 'to ah, to blog hop regularly. U