Friday, October 7, 2011

Healthy Holiday

The lamps hanging on the ceiling of Cafe Aqua- Elizabeth, South Australia.  The colour reminds me of Santorini, Greece.

I've been absent from work for two days now (well, I am physically present because I live on site).  It all started with a sudden pain, and episodal cramps in my upper left abdomen the other day.  After 17 hours of dealing with it, I decided to drive myself to Balaklava Hospital at around five in the morning.  The CT scan films revealed that I have a 2-cm stone in my left kidney!

I was so scared upon hearing the findings but the GP assured me that there'll be no surgery.  She (oh that young, cute, and sexy Chinese doctor who's been here for only a month) prescribed Panadol- to be taken every four hours.  With this 8.5 out of 10 pain rating, I initially thought she was only joking, but she said was serious.  Dr. Lien Tee added that majority of these renal calculi, which usually affects men of my age, are just excreted with the urine.  I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed.

So I stayed in the house to have a good rest.

While I was having rice and chicken tinola at lunchtime today, I turned my telly on and tuned in it on Cinema One.  Star Cinema's For the First Time was playing, starring KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez.  The location was in the photogenic island of Santorini, Greece... and since I am on a vacation mode, I decided to sit down and finish film.  Contrary to the title of the movie, it was actually my second time to watch it but I still enjoyed it.

In the movie, Alex or Seth (Gutierrez) a rich, easygoing Filipino young guy, who was managing a tavern in the island was boasting to this young and attractive bakasyonista named Pia (Concepcion) of the beautiful sunset taking place in Santorini.  So I waited for Director Joyce Bernal's shot of the said sunset, and yes, it didn't disappoint me; and the scene had instantly reminded me of the photo I've taken from Yorke Peninsula last month.

The ball of fire melting before my lens!  Yorke Peninsula, South Australia; early spring 2011.

This photo looks like the Santorini sunset featured in the said romantic movie so I decided to post it here.  So timely, while I was checking my blogroll, I noticed that BertN Travels latest post was about their recent cruise- and their first stop:  Santorini!

I've seen Santorini twice in the movie, and have seen photos of the island on a fellow blogger's post... its beautiful sunset is similar to the one in my 'backyard' but these things don't mean that I can live without dreaming to visit Santorini, Greece someday.  I'd love to be there!

Oh! The island of Santorini also reminds me of my Anatomy lesson about pancreas.  As an exocrine gland, there's this non-functional accessory duct called 'the Duct of Santorini'. 

If you're in love, and loves to travel but haven't watched For the First Time yet, well, grab a copy and watch it now.  I'm sure you'll love it.



BlogusVox said...

You come a long way, doc. Marunong ka ng how to take artistic shots by using angles (1st pic).

animus said...

hi chookminder,
ang ganda ng mga kuha mo esp. yung 1st pic..ang lamig sa mata. :-)

Anonymous said...

sorry to know you've got nephrolithiasis (if it's in the kindey; urolith if it's in ureter as you may know)...

on a lighter note, what glorious sunset shots you have here!

Nebz said...

Nice photos. Dramatic.
And yes, natural remedy ka muna pero regular examinations din just to be sure that your normal therapy is working. Ingat.

Missy said...

so what happened to your kidney stone? lumabas na ba?? hehehe my husband has the same problem as you, ok na sya after the stone came the way nice shots, galing mo you better plan your vacation in Santorini ;-) para mas maganda mga shots mo