Friday, September 19, 2008

Monetary Pharmacology (a metaphor)

I’ve been receiving plenty of emails for the past two days regarding my previous post—Occupational Medicine (I wonder why the readers don’t just leave their comment in my blog page). Lots of friends out there are quite curious about the dosage of Au$ in the treatment of the Chook-minder’s Malady. So I decided to update my previous blog entry. While doing it however, I had noticed that the ‘Treatment section’ of my article was becoming more and more complicated because of the complexities involved with Au$ as a drug of choice for the said condition. With this, I have come up with another medically-inspired literature entitled: Monetary Pharmacology (a metaphor).

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Darlyn said...

yeah it depends on the target audience.. for example your blog you need to use technical and medical words if someone across to your blog which understand that term then that's okay. however, we can't choose whom our readers sometimes. so using simple words would be the safest way.