Friday, April 4, 2008


After 440 days and nights of STAYING in Australia, I have finally seen and touched it's most famous architecture - The Sydney Opera House! To complete my visit in Sydney, I decided to take the ferry from the Circular Quay to Darling Harbour to experience the spectacular underwater display in the Sydney Aquarium.

I have discovered the Sydney Harbour's magnificent beauty! Both the local and foreign tourists had literally dropped their jaws especially when the ferryboat started to cruise under the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

While everybody on the boat was busy turning their head left and right to capture the early autumn scenery in the capital of New South Wales, I saw this old man having his snooze. Why can’t he stay awake during the entire journey and join the passengers in savouring the loveliness of the surroundings? He had, certainly, missed a lot of great things!
I REALIZED THAT IN SOME POINTS OF MY LIFE I am very similar to this man. There were times when I couldn’t appreciate my stay in this part of the world – The Land Down Under... The complexities of being a temporary resident and the difficulties of having a job under a working visa make me feel exhausted—the reason why I am ‘asleep’ sometimes.

I am praying that I’ll soon wake up to see the real charms of Australia. I am looking forward that someday I can discover the beauty beyond its wide horizon. I hope that I can find substance behind its hopping beasts, flying brutes and swimming creatures.
I know that I need to wake up because being in Australia is not just simply STAYING; it should always be - LIVING!

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